Aug 12 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots


We're back with the latest chapter of our #CentronShorts series. Throughout this series, we are striving to bring you a brand new look at Centro's culture and the people who make it so unique. Their stories are here for you to learn just who Centro is at its core. But don't you worry - we are keeping the #foodgrams and #selfies out of this one. Please enjoy this week's post!


#CentronShorts: The stories behind the shots The Journey of Self-Improvement by Kevin Bonder What do you see when you look at this picture? Certainly, a clear blue sky and swelling water in the background. It’s quite beautiful in Hawaii. You may also see a guy who loves working out. Look closer, there’s more. What I see is a scar. Something more permanent than the thickest ink or fittest body. The bumps and ridges of this scar tell my story of pain, perseverance and personal growth. To me, a scar is a lesson learned, a risk taken, or a challenge accepted. The small incision that once tore me open, now makes me feel truly accomplished. “We desire to grow and learn continuously. Our happiness is determined by the amount of personal investment made in our own growth.” The first time I read that, in Centro’s Manifesto, I felt a deep connection to my own philosophy. No matter what we encounter in life, we keep going no matter how hard it gets. Whether training for a sport, recovering from a major surgery or building a software platform that will revolutionize the digital media industry, there will be struggles and failures, new lessons learned and triumphs to celebrate. But above all, there will always be improvement. Visit Kevin's page, @kevinbonder for more.

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