Aug 5 2015
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#CentronShorts: The Stories Behind the Shots


Last December, Instagram announced that it surpassed 300 million active users. Though impressive, it still has a reputation for being frivolous. But with the rise of photo blogging, this seems to be coming to an end. Blogs like Humans of New York stormed the social media sphere and developed the unique ability to put a story to a face. Drawing upon the human condition, they’re able to link a single photo to the broader story of the subject’s life and insert the viewer right in the middle.

Its boom in popularity opened many doors for individuals and companies alike to try their hand at this unique style. – Centro included.  That’s the purpose behind #CentronShorts; to give you a new view of the Centrons – their lives, struggles, and successes – and show you a side to Centro’s culture that you’ve never seen before. They may not be selfies, hot dog legs, or #foodgrams, but we are certain you will enjoy!

#CentronShorts: The Stories behind the Shots The Tree That Keeps on Giving by Jun Wang, Events Coordinator Every child has a favorite book. One that inspires and stirs their imagination to new and magical places. For me, Sheryl Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is mine. It’s a classic that resonates with me, particularly because of the good morals and ethics it promotes through key stages of one’s life. That’s one of the first things I noticed when I started working at Centro; the commitment to selflessness, charity, and dedication to others, just like The Giving Tree taught. But, these morals go well beyond words on a page. In fact, Centro has created initiatives, like The Giving Tree Program and Change the World Day, to embody these values. Camp Kindle, founded by Project Kindle, is a camp that supports children who are affected by HIV/AIDS, and other diseases by offering free summer camps and activities. I’ve volunteered as a camp counselor for six consecutive summers to give back to the children who’ve had to give up so much in their lives. I truly believe that you are at your best when you sacrifice yourself for others. Whether it be time, resources, or money, every sacrifice made has inspired me to be the very best person I can be for those children and for all those who may not have what I do. From regional Giving Tree events, to fundraising programs, to Change the World days, I know that Centro holds true to its core value of unselfishness, and I couldn’t be happier that Centro loves giving back as much as I do. See more pics from Jun on his page @priortojuly23 #CentroLife #GrowWithCentro

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