Jul 15 2013
Basis Technologies

Centrons Outside of Centro


For over 12 years, Centro has been dedicated to turning our modern media clients into Raving Fans. For three years in a row, Centro has been voted Chicago’s #1 best place to work. Now, with over 350 employees, let’s turn the spotlight inward – on some of the individual Centrons that make the company such a fantastic place to work!

Brittney Posey:

Brittney, an Account Manager in the Midwest, is our token office Horse Whisperer. Brittney got into riding when she was two (can you say PRODIGY?) when she first rode a pony at the local fair. At five, she was doing full-on horseback riding lessons and owned her very own horse, Floyd, at 12. Brittney now rides competitively, making it to about ten competitions a year. At each competition, she does “Eventing,” which she describes as a “triathlon for horses.” Eventing consists of three phases. Dressage includes memorizing a complex pattern and performing the pattern in front of a panel of judges. In the cross-country portion, riders push the horses full speed to jump over walls and fences and across ditches. This portion of the competition is the most dangerous, as riders wear an air-bag type vest in case they fall off the horse. Show jumping, the last phase, requires riders and horses to jump over eight to twelve rails in the arena within a pre-set amount of time. If this sounds like a ton of work outside of work, you’re absolutely right! However, thanks to Centro’s life balance values, Brittney is able to do both! According to Brittney, “I basically get to live a double life: my city life and my horse life. I truly believe that no other company values its employees like Centro does, and I’m grateful to be here every day!”

Rachel Carlson: 

Rachel Carlson, Midwest Account Manager, is one of only four Centrons that boast the title “FFC Halsted Member of the Month.” That’s Fitness Formula Club for those of you who were wondering. Along with three other Centro ladies (Katie Dettman, Eunice Kim and Jessica Burget), Rachel has been combining healthy eating, varied workouts and grocery bag bicep curls to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “The four of us do anything from chisel to hip hop and spin. Mixing it up keeps us from getting bored,” says Rachel. She can also be credited with starting Centro’s chapter of Weight Watchers, with 13 active members in the Chicago office. The Weight Watchers and workout combination drives her healthy lifestyle. “The more you work out, the more you can eat!” Rachel claims. “My co-workers are great about being supportive of my eating habits and making time for movement throughout the day.” Well, it’s a pleasure, Rach.

Centrons all over the country are enjoying the benefits of the life balance Centro provides. What is your favorite free-time hobby? Let us know in the comments below!