Aug 4 2015
Basis Technologies

Centrons Find Gratitude While Reflecting on our Manifesto


With culture month kicking into high gear there is no better time to sit back, take a deep breath, and reflect on what being a Centron is all about. So with our corporate Manifesto in mind, that’s exactly what we decided to do. Focusing on the Manifesto’s core values, which include dedication, idealism, growth, unselfishness and courageousness, we asked a few of our Centrons to share their own stories of gratitude. Here are just a few reflections from our employees.

Tannis Mckenna, Account Lead (LA)

For the past few years I’ve been involved with the American Cancer Society’s endurance running team, Determination. It’s more than a running club – it’s a team with a purpose. Every single participant who has chosen to dedicate their miles to supporting cancer research is an inspiration to me. The stories they share, the money they raise, and the dedication to their training and promotion of the mission encourages me to always work towards the best possible version of myself.

Every season we have a couple hundred people who have the courage to push themselves to do something extraordinary. They run not just to cross the finish line, but to support a really important cause, with the end result of allowing more people to celebrate more birthdays. They are my hype team and I’m incredibly grateful to have them in my life!

Michael Thill, Director of Client Development (LA)

Prior to joining Centro LA, I called the Centro Dallas office home. The people of Dallas, along with the rest of the southeast and southwest ad community, created the DREAM Fund, which provides emotional and financial support to advertising professionals whose lives have been impacted by severe hardship. After Hurricane Katrina, much of the donations were rushed to help families facing months and years of rebuilding. Through my 7+ years in the Dallas ad community, I was able to witness firsthand the impact this fund had on my peers and the assistance it was able to provide.

However, the fund had little recognition within the digital advertising community and when Centro heard this, the Dallas crew decided to join forces and create a concert series to generate awareness and donations for the DREAM Fund. The turnout for the first event was incredible and as the word spread, so did the many more evenings with the same concept in mind: grow awareness among the digital ad community about a wonderful cause. We ended up raising thousands of dollars, and I was so grateful for not only the opportunity to be a part of it, but to also hear the amazing stories of those impacted by the donations. My time helping with the concert series in Dallas reminds me that we all have so much to be immensely appreciative for.


Bryan Rotunno, Director of Client Development (CHICAGO)

In my  four years at Centro, there were plenty of moments that caused me to reflect back and think about how lucky I am to work at such a great place. I feel so grateful to play a small part in the growth we’ve achieved and the things we’ve accomplished as a company. Centro’s recent winning of AdAge’s “Best Place to Work” has, more than any other time I can remember, caused me to pause and be thankful. This award has reinforced the idea that you can have a company that is incredibly tough, self-disciplined, and accountable, while still maintaining an incredibly fun, transparent, supportive, and team-oriented culture. That’s a tough balancing act, after all—many companies have tried it, but few have actually succeeded.

I know that being a part of this culture and mindset has made me a better person, leader, teammate, and student of the industry. I’m more thoughtful in everything I do. I’m more acutely aware of areas of self-improvement. I’m more proactive in helping others in need, and asking for help when needed.  These are things that take time and focus. But they’d never happen without the great fortune to work at a place that puts a premium on not only company growth, but personal growth and development as well. After all, as Shawn always says, the two truly go hand-in-hand. With our AdAge award in hand, giving thanks has never been easier or more top-of-mind for me. Thank you, Centro!

Want to hear more inspiring stories? Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Centrons Changing the World and the Centro Giving Tree – two features that highlight our culture.