Aug 21 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroLife: To Be a Centern in San Francisco


Centro’s internship program extends from our home base in Chicago all the way to our San Francisco office where four lucky Centerns joined our data science team for 11 weeks of real-world learning.  They focused on revenue forecasting and data management, two key areas of expertise for modern businesses.

Sounds cool, right?  Let’s read what these Centerns had to say.  If you’d like to learn more about our Internship program send an email to


Jerry Chen

UC Berkeley

“One of the many things about data science that excites me is the idea of prediction and my work this summer has taught me a great deal on how to make more accurate predictions based on first-party data. To prospective Centerns, this is a great place to learn and work. The people are great, the work is meaningful and overall, and the experience has been extremely worthwhile.”


Edith Ho

UC Berkeley

“As a statistics major, I have always been very excited to have the opportunity to work with real-life data. My favorite part about being a member of the data science team is everyone’s encouraging attitude towards branching out from comfort zones and learning new things. In addition, having an extremely approachable manager gave me the opportunity to try new ideas. To prospective Centerns: don’t feel intimidated to take initiatives and ask people questions. Everyone at the office is very helpful and supportive. The more thought and effort you put into your work, the more you get out of it!”


Caleb Chuck

UC Berkeley

“What drew me to Centro’s data science internship program was how well it aligned with my academic interests, especially in machine learning. I am able to apply my knowledge of statistics and statistical programming by analyzing first-party data. Tackling fascinating problems with the freedom to explore and build my own understanding is rewarding, specifically because I get to brainstorm real solutions with the senior developers. Here, I enjoy the opportunity of finding proper solutions to real issues. The atmosphere and people at Centro are very welcoming and I feel grateful to have worked with some incredibly smart individuals.”


Kelvin Fann

UC Berkeley

I knew this unique opportunity would allow me to work on challenging problems and offer plenty of room to learn. My managers always made time for any questions I had and allowed me access to all the resources I needed to figure out the challenges laid before me. I sat in on most architecture-design meetings, which made me feel extremely integrated in the team’s decision-making. This not only allowed me to see how the entire design process works, it gave me invaluable insight into why certain choices are made. Overall, I had an excellent time with Centro. I was constantly challenged but never overwhelmed. My work was always meaningful.”