Jul 21 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction : Social Performance Coming in Hot


As digital experts, we know that the best recipe for building brand awareness is to turn the heat up on media presence. Recently, an international hot sauce brand came to us with a social media campaign that needed some kick. The brand was looking to build a stronger social following amongst U.S. consumers, creating an audience to build and promote content to.

More specifically, this client wanted to improve their Twitter following. However, they wanted to increase their followers at a rate and Cost per Follower (CPF) that exceeded social benchmarks for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Having never leveraged the potential of paid advertising through Twitter, this hot sauce brand reached out to Centro as a partner with both social expertise and the tactical knowledge necessary to help them achieve their goals.

Turn it up:

With over 500 advertisers and almost 600 campaigns’ worth of knowledge to reference, our Centro social team rolled up their sleeves and got to work. In order to ensure the brand appeared in front of the proper audiences, Centro leveraged social screen space with the Promoted Accounts tool, which is known for its direct connection with follower acquisition.

To drive further engagement, Centro showcased sample tweets from the brand’s account to encourage users to follow the brand on Twitter. Our team watched diligently as the performance numbers came in, optimizing in real time to increase engagement and acquisition; pausing tactics that weren’t working, changing out appended tweets, and adjusting bids to maximize efficiency.

Feel the heat:

Centro’s strategy gave this social campaign the zest it needed. Not only did the results exceed the hot sauce client’s expectations, they also significantly outperformed their KPI’s. In just one month, the campaign drove nearly 8,500 new Twitter followers to the brand’s account – a rate that’s over 5x the CPG benchmark. Our team’s strategic optimizations improved the Cost per Follower by 45% from campaign start to finish. At campaign end, the client had a final result was a CPF 3x more efficient than benchmark and the new and engaged social audience they were seeking.

The Centro Solution

What makes Centro stories like this different from the competition? Our teams believe in a holistic buying approach. By bringing together years of expertise with modern media tactics and technology, Centro creates and executes campaigns that are both innovative and intuitive – powering brands to new benchmarks time and again. It’s what we believe in and what we’ll deliver in every #CentroInAction story.