Nov 25 2014
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Driven to Succeed


As digital video becomes increasingly popular, Centro talks to more and more clients who have an interest in transitioning traditional TV assets to digital. Recently, a tier 2 automotive dealership approached us with just such a request. The dealership had historically relied on broadcast television campaigns, but wanted a video-focused digital strategy for consistent messaging and resonance with its target audience of in-market auto consumers. This meant the solution needed to source video inventory and layer in targeting at scale. In order to measure the campaign’s performance against traffic and awareness, the client selected CPC and CTR as the primary campaign KPIs.

Taking the Wheel

Centro was selected to be one of many partners on the dealership’s initiative. Centro’s Audience Buying team went to work to develop a comprehensive solution that covered off all aspects of the campaign objective. Using a combination of 1st and 3rd party data, layered with contextual channels and retargeting techniques, the plan offered a full-funnel approach to both target the in-market consumer audience and add to the dealership’s perspective customer pool. As the campaign evolved, Centro’s optimizations spanned various tactics, sites, bids, budgets, and channels to deliver the best business results.

Making tracks

Centro’s Audience Buying solution outperformed all other partners on the plan, delivering a CPC that was 7x more efficient and a CTR 100% higher than the average of the others on the campaign. Additionally, Centro’s optimizations resulted in a 94% improvement in the CPC and a 500% improvement in the CTR over the course of the campaign. The client was more than satisfied, and continued to leverage Centro for further campaigns, eventually investing 15x the original budget.

At Centro, we offer a modern approach to digital media. With over 13 years and 100,000 campaigns to our name, we leverage advanced technology, proven tactics, and industry expertise to build campaigns around the channels and platforms that drive the greatest results for our client’s specific business needs. People and technology are at the heart of Centro, and are the essential parts in every #CentroInAction story.