Sep 1 2015
Basis Technologies

Don’t let the rise of tech take a toll on talent


It’s no secret that digital media is moving at lightning speed. The industry is exploding with new technology, new tools, and, as a result, incredible new talent.

These exciting advancements allow us to do more than before, offering our clients exceptional services and exciting opportunities. As a result, media talent is more valuable than ever.

But with great growth often comes growing pains.

New positions and titles call for new skill sets, while new technology requires training and advocates to help spearhead adoption. All of this makes expertise (and experience) hard to find. Oftentimes, there’s a significant gap between a manager’s skills and the ones they actually need to hire for. And looking beyond just our needs today, if talent isn’t cultivated and nurtured for the long-haul, we could find ourselves lacking the savvy, invested managers required for a healthy future.

It’s imperative that today’s leaders control the pace as they teach, nurture, and mentor emerging talent. By managing this opportunity in the most thoughtful and inspiring ways possible, we will develop best-in-class leaders who are prepped and primed to thrive in this rapidly changing landscape.

In our latest Centro Speaks video, Scott Neslund, EVP, Client Services talks about this interesting challenge. In just two minutes, he shares great advice on future-proofing digital media by taking the time to foster talent today. Listen now!