Jun 23 2016
Basis Technologies

Centro DSP Spotlight: Video


Programmatic video advertising hits its stride

While demand for programmatic digital video has always been strong, inventory constraints and market liquidity have been an industry challenge. The problem has been addressed on two fronts: An explosion of content creation and the shift of video assets online, and the adoption of private marketplaces – which open up sources previously only available to direct buyers. As a result, brand dollars and television budgets have begun to flow. But demand side platforms like Centro DSP have lowered the barrier to entry as well, and more advertisers than ever have access to high-impact digital video advertising.

Measuring success

Video is unique and should have a different KPI from other formats and tactics. Cost-per-completed view has emerged as the most popular metric. It reflects the quality of a placement and demonstrates the message is being delivered in full. Completion rate and cost-per-complete ensure brand awareness, but video can also help with conversions. To maximize results, consider creating an audience of users who completed watching an ad and then retarget them with a special message.

Getting started

Centro DSP offers a host of inventory sources and settings for video campaigns. Integrations with all major exchanges and a wide array of private marketplace deals provide scale. Excluding unknown roll position and small player size are best practices for quality control, and 15-second ads are recommended to further increase completion rates. As with all campaigns, a smart set-up, monitoring performance throughout, and making adjustments to optimize will lead to success.

Video Screengrab from Centro DSP