Apr 6 2017
Christine Kim

Centro DSP Spotlight: Primary Conversions


In order to understand campaign performance, make recommendations for future investment opportunities, and better optimize for success, it's important to craft a compelling campaign story that tells you what metrics you should be hitting.

One way to develop a story is to set up conversion tracking pixels. To get a better sense of where you should set up conversion tracking pixels, follow these three steps:

  1. Look at the website
  2. Determine what the path to purchase could be
  3. Recommend and implement a smart strategy

Following the steps above can often mean you're recommending more than one pixel to get a better understanding of the customer's journey on the website. But tracking all of those conversions can get confusing, and that's why we developed a feature in Centro DSP that lets you label the most important conversion when you are setting up your campaigns.

It's called Primary Conversions, and it will be released later this month. It will allow you to set one of the conversion pixels as your primary conversion. Once you do so, you'll be able to see additional stats related to that pixel in six different UI grids of Centro DSP – group, campaign, sites, ads, exchange reporting, hourly reporting, and daily reporting.

Setting a conversion pixel as the primary pixel is easy: simply check the 'enable primary conversions' box, and then select the pixel you want to make the primary.

For media buyers working on multiple campaigns with multiple conversion pixels, this will provide a streamlined view of your most important conversions events. Additionally, this allows for faster optimizations, because you can quickly see in Centro DSP which conversions pixels you want to optimize your campaign to.

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