Aug 26 2016
Basis Technologies

Centro DSP Spotlight: Engaging Spanish Speakers and Hispanic Audiences


It’s important to deliver a relevant and accurate message to your target audience no matter their native language. If you’re trying to engage Spanish speakers and Hispanic audiences at scale, Centro DSP offers many targeting options across desktop, tablet, and mobile.


The content consumers are browsing is a powerful indicator of their interests and characteristics. If people are reading articles or using an app in Spanish, it’s likely they speak the language. To apply contextual targeting at the site level, Centro DSP has established partnerships with leading Spanish private marketplaces and supports custom Spanish site and app lists. Creating a separate tactic for page-level contextual targeting can increase reach on related content.


Third-party data providers aggregate many signals beyond context and allow you to target an audience more broadly as they browse outside Spanish content. Centro DSP has a wide range of segments available for demographic, behavioral, in-market, and Spanish speakers. Make sure to look at reporting regularly to discover additional sites or apps that are performing well.

Browser and Geography

Some consumers choose to set their browser language preferences. Consider testing a campaign targeting people who have selected the Spanish setting. Geo-targeting ZIP codes or DMAs with large Spanish-speaking populations is another opportunity if context and audience are not delivering.

Extra Credit

If you apply all these settings to a single campaign, the targeting will be far too narrow. Remember to test each one discretely, monitor performance, and apply the insights for optimization. Programmatic advertising with a demand side platform takes the guess work out of marketing and lets you make data-driven decisions.