Mar 9 2020
Basis Technologies

Centro Community Groups


Humans are a social species: We all want to belong. Being part of a community allows us to feel safe, support each another, and discover shared experiences. Most importantly, it builds valuable relationships and gives us a sense of belonging.

At Centro, our goal is to create that sense of belonging by fostering community in our workplaces. Our programs and initiatives are geared towards working to ensure that people of all identities can join us, create valuable relationships, and bring their whole selves to work.

Centro Community Groups (CCGs) are one initiative we’ve kicked off to better cultivate a culture where everyone recognizes the power of their uniqueness. These employee-led, employee-organized groups are centered around common identities, interests, life experiences, and backgrounds.

Collage of Centro community groups

Our list of CCGs is growing quickly! Here’s what’s Centrons have organized so far:

  • Giving Tree
    • Encourages corporate social responsibility among all employees. The Giving Tree promotes volunteerism with various organizations across all of our local communities. Our goal is to partner with a diverse group of charities to drive positive change where we live and work.
  • Women of the Workplace (& Women in Tech subgroup)
    • Our mission is to educate all employees on the different challenges women can face in the workplace, create understanding for all employees, and feed an open discussion in all offices across Centro
  • Centropella
    • A group passionate about singing together. Because singing together is fun, builds community, and because music brings us together and unites our uniqueness.
  • El Centro
    • We want to capitalize on the extraordinary resources of Centro’s Latinx employees and serve as champions for diversity and inclusion at Centro. We want to foster a safe space for all employees and help identify opportunities for us to become more inclusive.
  • CentroOut
    • Centro’s LGBTQIA community group has an overarching purpose of fostering an inclusive, open, office community that helps advocate for advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and allied people.
  • Nom Nom
    • A place for foodies from all cultures to come together to share their experiences and background while eating the foods that mean the most to them!
  • Reframe
    • A safe place to reframe how we think about mental health conditions and tips & tricks on how to overcome them. There will also be discussions around our experiences and how culture and society impact how we view mental health conditions.
  • Parents @ Centro
    • Bringing together and supporting the community of Centro parents. This group will provide resources to help Centro parents navigate being a working parent. Centro Parents will strive to provide resources to help parents manage the work/life blend, and assist Centro in the recruitment and retention of parents.

As a company, we are committed to supporting these groups both financially and via professional development. Every month, members of Centro’s leadership team will meet with Community Group leadership to ensure that we’re cross-collaborating and providing mutual support. We also provide an external Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant to train Community Group leaders so that they're well equipped for facilitation.

We realize that there’s no end to the work of building an environment where everyone feels that they belong. We realize that we will fail and make mistakes along the way. And, we are committed to transparency, persistence, and humility as we continue our journey to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

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