Jun 11 2012
Basis Team

Bringing Childlike Chaos Back to Media


(Digiday) – Do you remember when you were a child playing with your friends and completely losing track of time, ignoring the constant reminders about dinnertime? Did you ever turn a towel into a cape to become a superhero or an eraser into a car to become the next NASCAR champion? Did you ever find great pleasure in a mess of unorganized toys and odd clothes?

It’s this young, imaginative, free spirit that fosters happiness and allows creativity to peak. This childhood state is often coupled with inefficient chaos, which can ironically transform into creative masterpieces. Like all things in nature, people and ideas move through a life cycle of stages, including childhood, young adult, middle age and, finally, old age. Sadly, we often find that with age, execution, efficiency, ease and speed become heightened priorities at the expense of creativity.

Our industry is experiencing the young and old stages at the same time, which explains the feelings of turbulence and uncertainty. In its youthful state, digital media is creating an evolving, chaotic environment with a wealth of unpredictable possibilities and new ideas. Dynamic, inventive and strategic ideas are combining with technology to make the impossible possible, and it’s happening at an accelerating rate. We are in the childhood of a new industry era, and the proper environments
need to be cultivated so that we can achieve healthy growth.

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