Jul 8 2011
Basis Team

Brands that Deliver Powerful Consumer Journeys


Brands should grab your attention, invoke an emotion and drive you to want more. Good advertising should not only be creative, it should also spark creativity among its audience. A powerful brand starts with an amazing brand experience that lasts well beyond a first impression. It should move consumers through various stages and touch points. The key is to tell a story that is thought and action provoking.

Here’s an example of how one advertiser took me on a memorable and impactful journey.

Awareness: While waiting for the El in Chicago, I saw a billboard that said, “Murder is Back in Season.” The image was graphic and the message was haunting; it hit me hard. Who would write such a thing?

Higher Awareness: A few minutes later, my train arrived. While still confused, I took a seat, pulled out my iPhone and clicked on my People.com app (shameless guilty pleasure) to view the latest entertainment news. To my surprise, a similar ad was displayed on the top of the PeopleMobile page. The ad was promoting the TV show Glades (note: relevant ad placement). As the ads were building off of each other, the show was really starting to spark my curiosity.

Consideration: When I arrived at work, I searched on Murder is Back in Season. I clicked on the promo video hoping for more information. The very short video brought the unforgettable ad image to life with spooky 1920s background music. However, no other details were provided, which took my imagination to another place.

Higher Consideration: I’m dying (no pun intended) to learn more about this show even though I hate mysteries and murder shows.

Action: This weekend, I plan to ask my friends about the show (social recommendations). This will further determine if it is worth my time to watch the show on Sunday evening or record it.

Like this example, it’s important for advertisers to create exciting, fluid paths that drive consumers from one stage to the next, ultimately leading to a final action.

Have you experienced your own personal consumer journey?  Which brands have left you with a lasting impression? And more importantly, if you’re responsible for marketing a brand, are you taking consumers on a journey?