May 29 2018
Anthony Loredo

Get to Know Our Boomerang Employees


As Centrons, we have a multitude of reasons to be proud of ourselves and our company – from our constant community-improving endeavors, to the awards we win for being one of the best places to work in the U.S. Our culture plays an enormous factor in everything that we do, and there is definitely a difference when our employees are no longer surrounded by fellow Centrons. Don’t take my word for it; just ask some of our Boomerangs! Nell McGann, one of our customer success managers, earned a great opportunity which led to her leaving Centro - only to realize at heart she remained a Centron. And that led her way back to the Centro family. Nell opened up to us about her thoughts and decision making processes:

Q: What did you find attractive about your new opportunity that made you want to leave Centro and pursue this opening?

Nell: “I was looking to pursue my passion for health and came across this startup in the health and software space. Its mission is to bring more data to physicians to help with treatment options for cancer patients, which was very interesting to me.”

Q: What were your expectations when starting your new opportunity? Were your expectations met?

N: “I expected to be working in a software system and training hospitals and educational institutions on how to best use the platform. I also was going to be managing partnerships with hospitals and educational institutions. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met. I spent my days working in Google sheets and managing cancer patient’s tissue from receipt of lab all the way through processing. The role was very in the weeds and I had little contact with the hospitals and educational institutions that I was told I would be managing.”

Q: What did you miss about Centro after you left?

N: “The culture and people. There is nothing that compares to Centro and the way employees are treated here. I did not expect to have the same culture at my new job, but I didn’t realize how much the culture of a company could affect every aspect of my life. I missed the opportunities I was presented and the trust and respect I received from my team and everyone at Centro. I did not realize how much support I had here until I left. At Centro I have so many people rooting for me and wanting me to do well. Centro trusts me with big accounts and creating new processes. No matter what mistakes were made along the way, I always have people to go to if I need help or advice. This is invaluable and not something you can get everywhere.”

Q: What were the driving factors for your return to Centro?

N: “I quickly realized the culture at my other company was negatively affecting me. I was constantly stressed and unhappy. I went to bed every night dreading going to work and woke up feeling the same way. I was not valued and I knew long term this would never work. I wanted to be part of a company that is forward thinking, challenging, and truly cares about their employees. Centro is all of these things. I wanted to work for a software company and not living in Google sheets every day; I wanted to be surrounded by smart, humble, and supportive people. Most importantly, I wanted a voice at the table and my voice to be heard no matter who I am talking to within the organization.”

Q: What did you learn from this experience?

N: “I realized I was really good at my job here and that I was being challenged even after 6 years of working here. I learned I have team members, directors, VP’s who value my work and enjoy working with me. I learned that Centro is home for me and the vision and mission of Centro is not something we put on our website, but something that is put into practice every single day by even the highest level employees. I learned that I still have a passion for health, but I don’t need my career to be in that industry in order to be happy and successful. I learned how to check my ego at the door, and make decisions that are right for me. Coming back to Centro is the right thing for me.”

Centro’s culture is something that is imprinted within each of us and is something to be incredibly proud of. Welcome back, Nell!