Mar 12 2018
Pam McBride

Basis Spotlight: YouTube Campaign Inclusion


We continue to release product features, updates, and functionality within Basis to make your day-to-day campaign management more effective and efficient. This week, we introduced an important YouTube campaign enhancement, and we talked to the product guru behind the feature to get the inside scoop.

Let’s start with the basics. What is the YouTube Campaign Inclusion feature?
Good question. YouTube campaigns are now accessible to users that have Google AdWords credentials, which allows users to map YouTube ad campaigns to Basis line items. Historically, YouTube campaigns have not easily been included into the AdWords API. Given our focus on bringing all digital media buying into a single platform, our team felt it was important to build a creative solution to support this.

Awesome. How does it work?
Prior to this feature, users would have to manually download YouTube performance reports from AdWords and upload the performance report into Basis. This feature cuts down the manual work because YouTube campaigns are included as part of the list of ad campaigns associated with a user’s AdWords account. YouTube campaigns are quickly and easily linked as a delivery source to the corresponding line item.

Beyond reducing manual work, which is great, can you break down the other benefits for me?
Sure! There are five really great ones that come to mind:

  • Improves data availability and accuracy
  • Adds an additional digital source for better holistic campaign reporting
  • Saves time for a campaign analyst
  • Reduces dependencies on other systems or processes
  • Adds convenience for campaign execution

Will this information be easy to find in Basis?
Once a user maps their YouTube campaign, all of the data is available in the same reports as AdWords data, and a user will see YouTube data in the analytics grid, daily delivery reports, performance reports, and creative performance reports.

Having all of this data in a unified place gives you unparalleled access to reporting across the entire digital media process. That ability to review and optimize across all buying methods and channels is invaluable when making campaign and business-level decisions. It means everyone – from digital ad buyers and media planners all the way up to leadership – is operating informed and in concert with the entire team.

How robust is the reporting data? For example, would it be good for day-to-day reporting or could I share this data with a client?
The YouTube data should be treated like data from any other source. How often you’d present data to a client depends on your client’s needs. This update doesn’t necessarily change how or why you’d share data with a client. It just makes the data easier to get into the platform – and makes your life a little easier.

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