May 15 2018
Gabriel Ribadeneira

Basis Spotlight: In a device driven world, how do you reach your consumer?


It’s Wednesday and while you enjoy that dark-roast coffee, you read the morning news from your tablet. An hour later, you are listening to your favorite songs from your phone as you ride the commuter train to work. When you arrive at the office, you fire up your laptop, and continue working on a research project you started earlier in the week. You look back at your phone to check the time, and do a quick scan of your social media accounts. Back to work! 11:40 am has arrived and you’ve been switching devices back and forth since you woke up. At the end of the day, once home, you buy tickets for a show on the weekend – you can’t recall how you know about the show, just that you want to go.

While you’ve been focused on information of interest all day, you’ve also been seeing ads and engaging with products along the way. And doing so from your phone, tablet, laptop, and sometimes from more than one device at the same time. As advertisers, it’s imperative to understand how to properly maximize the amount of exposure consumers have with our brands.

Cross-device targeting and tracking gives advertisers the ability to reach individuals on multiple touch points, providing a seamless experience across all devices. Centro has teamed up with Tapad to facilitate this in Basis. With the assistance of machine learning algorithms, Tapad’s technology uses probabilistic and deterministic data such as proximity, IP addresses, and app logins to help classify different devices as belonging to the same person. It collects over 250 billion data points per month to create these models so it can be as precise as possible!

By powering on this feature you can experience four key benefits:

  • Cross-device frequency capping – Lets you determine the amount of times an ad is shown to a single individual in all of their devices, per campaign.
  • Cross-device audience extension – Lets you find the same individual in different devices when you target first party audiences.
  • Cross-device conversion attribution – Lets you record conversions that take place in a device different from the one in which the user saw your ad.
  • Cross-device reports – Lets you know how cross-device targeting is working to your advantage with 3 new report types: Reach by Frequency, Reach by Device Type, and Reach by Audience.

In a world where users are constantly switching between devices, it’s imperative to be able to show them the right message in the right screen at the right time. Experience the benefits of cross-device targeting now in Basis!