Dec 26 2015
Basis Technologies

ATTENTION: Centro is Unplugged Today


Self-Improvement, Integrity, Humility, and Idealism. These four principles form the foundation of our manifesto, the touchstone for who we are at our very core at Centro. We believe that by living our manifesto, we are able to be the best version of ourselves which sparks personal growth, the growth of the company, and the growth of our community around us. To honor our manifesto, one day each month we are ‘unplugging’ ourselves from social media. Don't worry, we’ll be back before you know it. In the meantime, why not put your phone down and join us? Maybe you could go hang gliding, surfing, or even hold a face-to-face conversation with someone! Remember those? We sure do.

To unplug, all you need to do is share our post using #unplugged and then log out of your social media profiles for the day. You'll feel better that you did.