Jul 24 2012
Basis Team

Are You Serving Up a Healthy Media Mix?


During American Idol’s widely popular Phillip Phillips’ season, Media Post published an article surrounding the success of a social Twitter campaign Flock to Unlock. This prime example of a healthy media mix leveraged traditional television to blow up the Twittersphere and create an earned trending topic around advertiser products. The combination of media channels created a well-rounded experience for engaged viewers, allowing them to easily connect with advertisers. With over one million social comments and a rate of 23,876 tweets per minute, the success of the campaign speaks for itself.

It is important for marketers and advertisers to understand that when a user engages through paid, owned, and earned channels, these different types of media can dynamically work together to create incredibly powerful user touch points. Mashable recently released a video outlining the social media presence and online live coverage of the upcoming London Olympic Games. Since 1964, NBC has exclusively owned the rights to broadcast the Olympics. In the past, the strategy for the broadcast was quite simple: save the big events for the primetime slots to increase viewers. This year NBC wanted to maximize their viewers, add to associated advertising revenue, and increase value for their consumers. Therefore, they added a strong social component to complement their online live feed and primetime coverage of the games.

How have you found success by incorporating social into your campaigns?