Nov 26 2012
Basis Team

Akoo: An Opportunity to Engage


In a media planning world where placing similar sites on similar plans can be a creativity killer, digital place-based network, Akoo, is allowing for new opportunities and creative executions by bridging several channels with its offering. And it’s boasting high engagement to boot.

Akoo places screens in what they are calling ‘Akoo Pavillions’ located in high traffic areas of malls and college campuses. Music content coupled with advertising on dual screens encourages viewers to engage with content by interacting through their mobile devices. Akoo is combining video, mobile and digital location-based advertising into a package that both targets and entertains.

According to a piece on the DailyDOOH blog, Akoo enables consumers to make on-demand content requests with their mobile devices, via free mobile app or text messaging. “Viewers within Akoo Pavilions can also access free Wi-Fi services, connect with friends via Facebook and Twitter, download mobile coupons, and participate in special promotions.”

Akoo is using a multi-screen approach, a method that is quickly catching on with tablet and television. By promoting engagement with several screens, targeting becomes more dynamic. More screens mean more opportunities to reach your consumer. Whether that is on a tablet while you are watching television, or on a mobile device while you are watching an Akoo screen, capitalizing on consumers multi-screen behaviors is beneficial for brands.

I think shifting towards a mindset of a multi-screen approach is important for advertisers. It provides more robust reach for a brand and increased engagement for a consumer.

While Akoo is not by any means the only digital place-based opportunity, it is the one most focused on engagement. Are you using digital place-based advertising as part of your digital media strategy? If not, what is holding you back?