Jun 29 2012
Basis Team

Ad Spend Boost, Agency/Client Collaboration & Earned Media

  • According to AdAge, the nation’s 100 biggest advertisers boosted 2011 total U.S. ad spending by 4.8%. The bump in ad spending is attributed largely to digital media including search, video, and social media. The internet is expected to surpass newspapers this year as the nation’s second-largest advertising medium, behind TV. An interesting piece in this article speaks to the increase in both measured media (display advertising, including display ads on social-media sites) and unmeasured media (paid search, online video and mobile ads). Can you measure the so-called “un-measurable” media? Read More: Top 100 Advertisers Boost Ad Spending but Not In Traditional Media
  • According to a new survey, creative agencies and their brand/marketer clients are both faced with challenges in regards to communicating openly and efficiently with each other. Nearly 40 percent of companies reported declining to work with an agency because they felt the agency didn’t have the right tools for managing the work and the communication. How can agencies find relief in the ever-demanding and changing industry? Where are opportunities to strengthen this relationship? Read More: Report And Infographic: “The State Of Agency/Client Collaboration
  • A recent eMarketer highlights the role and value of earned media. One featured study found that 20% of U.S. Facebook users had bought products because of ads or comments they saw on Facebook. Meanwhile, another Facebook and comScore study found that exposure to premium ads over four weeks caused a 16% increase for in-store purchases, and an increase of 56% for online purchases. How are these ads/brands used alongside other forms of advertising? With holistic brand experiences, could these percentages increase? Read More: Can Facebook Go Beyond Earned Media Success?