Oct 9 2018
Kristin Furjanic

Activate and Improve Media Performance


How do you activate and improve media performance? Well, by the thoughtful integration of digital buying, of course! Is converging your direct and programmatic buying into a unified platform really that simple? The short answer is—not always. That’s why we’re here to clear the air and share a practical guide of tested methods to get you there!

According to Forrester Research*, 75% of agencies are headed towards convergence, while only 17% have fully achieved this state. More importantly, most agencies know that failing to evolve media buying practices means potentially jeopardizing their future. However, there is a bright side—and a solution! The convergence of direct and programmatic buying, along with a holistic system for internal collaboration, allow agencies to focus on the innovation and advancement of their media buying solutions. Can technology help achieve this?

What agencies prioritize in tech buying to create a more holistic system for internal collaboration:

  • 52% - Tools that enable holistic buying across channels
  • 51% - A solution that delivers a unified view of data across internal data silos, media channels, and buying approaches
  • 50% - Quality and availability of workflow tools to support collaboration processes
  • 48% - Ability to manage buys across direct and programmatic digital media inventory
  • 45% - Prioritize and retain talent for further innovation

We believe that the thoughtful integration of media buying can be achieved if and when it’s powered by a unified media platform. Read more about how to get there with our guide, Converge Direct + Programmatic. TheBlueprint -- and get started on your convergence today!



*Methodology: In this study, Forrester conducted an online survey of 104 advertising and/or marketing agency professionals at the manager level or above with responsibility for or influence over media buying strategy to evaluate digital media buying.

*Source: A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Centro, June 2018

*Base: 104 media buying strategy decision makers at US advertising and/or marketing agencies