Jun 25 2013
Basis Technologies

Acquiring “A” Players – It’s All About the Experience


Centro considers our employees to be our number one asset. Finding the right candidates is extremely important, which is why we have such a rigorous selection process in place. This is to ensure we find “A” players – candidates who are virtually a perfect match on both a professional and personal level to what we are looking for. So even when our schedules are full or we are busy, one of the first things on our minds is the candidate we are calling that day or the interview we have later that afternoon.

Fostering a positive candidate experience helps maintain interest and appreciation in the culture we have built at Centro, as well as aids in retaining future customers, clients, referrals, etc. Recruitment research company Mystery Applicant, shares an interesting infographic that renders the consequences of not attending to candidate experience. According to the infographic, if a company is identified as having poor candidate experiences, only 37 percent of applicants are likely to recommend that company and 38 percent are less likely to use that company’s products or services – an astounding stat and a contributing factor to a huge amount of lost revenue!

Centrons have a goal of providing “raving fan service” to all candidates because we want them to experience the true Centro — friendly, interesting and caring people. This is the approach that helped us win the Best Company Culture Moxie award from Built In Chicago. At the same time, we expect a lot from our candidates in terms of professional qualifications, job performance and skills because we are looking for “A” players. For that reason, there is, for sure, a method to the madness here at Centro. Candidates will find that they have to block hours of the day to meet with different people during the interview process. We do this because we want to get to know the core of the person that is applying –someone who has the right character and potential for long-term success at Centro, and most importantly, someone who fits our Manifesto. Among candidates hired at Centro, 98 percent of them rated their interview experience as positive and 100 percent agreed that their initial impression of Centro after starting confirmed their decision to join the company. No matter how fast Centro is growing, quality exceeds speed or quantity every time.