Oct 29 2015
Basis Technologies

5 Ways to Turn Digital Trends into Strategies and Investments into Returns


Remember the good ol’ days? When you could just throw up a banner ad on a local publication’s site – your audience would love the ad and click like crazy, bringing record traffic to your website?

No, you don’t. Digital advertising has never been that simple, and it certainly isn’t now.

Our audiences are consuming content, using devices, and developing media habits differently today than they were 12 months ago. Before attacking media plans for the new year, savvy marketers are taking a step back to observe these shifts and learn how to address them with insight-driven digital strategies.

On November 3rd, Centro’s Ryan Manchee and Kurt Anderson (resident insights and analytics gurus) will team up with the American Marketing Association to bring you the only webinar you need to see before heading in to 2016 planning.

Ryan and Kurt will paint a picture of the current state of the industry and discuss what consumer patterns are causing the most commotion. They will also dissect five individual consumer trends (how DO you keep up with the cookie-less consumer?) and suggest best practices that you can use to plan revenue-driving campaigns immediately.

Registration is still open! Head over to the AMA website to sign up. We look forward to seeing you there!