Mar 19 2019
Basis Technologies

5 Activities that Contribute to a Better Work/Life Blend


When it comes to improving quality of life and work, most think about reducing stress and increasing productivity. But how? Keeping a diverse exercise routine is a fantastic way to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ Below are five exercise activities that can significantly improve your work/life blend.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to try something on to see how it feels and connect with your community while contributing to your health. Grab a friend and hop into a yoga, martial arts, or kickboxing class—all of these activities boost the immune system, foster positivity, build self-discipline, and clear the mind. Cycling, aerobics, and HIIT are some other great examples that will increase your heart rate.     

Team Sports

Get outside! If you live in a big city, you know just how refreshing it can feel to take a break—whether you take a long walk or play frolf (frisbee golf) in the park, or just step outside—whether that’s for a quick few minutes of fresh air or a week-long trip, it is always a good idea. Create a team or join a league—softball, kickball, flag football, you name it! Live in the Rocky Mountain area? A group trip into the hills, trees, snow, and sun on a board or ski can also provide peace of mind and a great workout.

Home Workouts

Save time and money – by working out from the comfort of your own home! Whether you invest in P-90X, an online yoga video subscription, a set of free weights, or – go big – and spring for a Peloton, you can bail on that 40-minute round-trip commute. All too often, the hardest part of going to a gym is actually attempting to get out the door—working out at home takes out an additional layer of morning stress, and makes the whole process that much easier.

Running and Training

Is there anything more exciting than accomplishing a challenging feat? Ask anyone who has scaled a 14,000 ft mountain or run a marathon—devotion to a goal that pushes your limits further than you could’ve ever thought possible, is usually a goal worth pursuing. Joining a 5K for a cause or running a marathon in support of a friend or family member makes it all the more rewarding.

Personal Trainers

When it comes to workout form and spinal alignment, a personal trainer can be your new BFF. Target and activate different muscle groups and learn new methods or variations. Keep an open mind, and then bring that mindset into the workplace! Your self-discipline, clear mind and broad vision and will take you far in both lines of interest.

At Centro  

We understand that taking care of employees goes far beyond a paycheck. Centro’s ‘Buff to Get Buff’ Program reimburses employees for fitness-related expenses such as online/offline exercise programs, personal trainers, group classes, and race and team sports fees—ski passes are included too! What new types of fitness can you add to mix-up your routine? Learn more about Centro’s other benefits and current open positions here.