Jun 16 2015
Basis Technologies

#3TbyCentro: The Road So Far


St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, and Oklahoma City are in the books. After four shows in the last two weeks we thought it would be a great idea to give you an update on our 3T Programmatic Roadshow, including some of the important tips, trends and techniques in programmatic as well as the hot topics you should be looking out for.

Programmatic: Trends and the Current Landscape

It would be wrong if we said that programmatic wasn’t in a near perpetual state of change. The technology, capabilities, and strategies in place are constantly being optimized to properly accommodate new demands by agencies and brands. Nowhere else is that more apparent than on the mobile and video channels. Matt Sauls, VP of Product, Programmatic at Centro, noted that digital video accounted for 12% of all programmatic advertising spending in 2014 and is projected to hit 40% by 2016. Moreover, spending on programmatic video specifically for mobile screens is set to eclipse desktop spending and reach 55% of total digital video spending by the end of 2015.

With ad spending shifting like it is towards these automated platforms, it’s clear that you need alter your media plans accordingly. With this move, the need for proper targeting can be a concern for few.

Technologies and capabilities, such as hyperlocal targeting, were a big topic among our panel discussions. Specifically, questions were geared toward location targeting and the capabilities that Centro DSP has in regards to hyperlocal.

With the advent of partnerships with companies like Pixalate and Trust Metrics, those new to programmatic can rest assured that their ads are indeed getting seen by the right eyes.

With more great content and topics in the pipeline, we are excited about our upcoming shows in Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Didn’t get a chance to register yet? Don’t worry – you can still join us in any of those above mentioned cities. Just sign-up here!

We look forward to seeing you during the home stretch of our 3T Programmatic Roadshow!