May 17 2016
Basis Technologies

3 Options for Retargeting without Pixeling your Site


Retargeting is a common tactic used to keep top-of-mind after a consumer’s visit to an advertiser’s site or product pages.  Occasionally, Centro customers won’t be able (or are not allowed) to put a tracking pixel on their site.  I’m here to let you know that there are other options at your disposal to do ‘siteless’ retargeting, or retargeting that doesn’t require you to put a pixel on your site.  I’ll walk you through 3 such options.

1. Click retargeting
Centro DSP’s “Audience Capture” feature allows advertisers to retarget users who have clicked on their ad.  It’s another way to get value out of your paid media by letting your ads create a retargeting pool for you.  Pro tip: make sure that there’s a strong call-to-action on the ad to drive higher engagement.

2. First-party search click retargeting
If you can’t put a tracking pixel on your site, you can select the “redirect pixel” option available in Centro DSP.  This creates a URL redirect for your search ad – when a user clicks on the ad, Centro DSP first captures the user, then redirects them to the desired landing page of the campaign.   Here’s how it works: if the URL redirect pixel is and the destination URL is, your final URL for the paid search link would be

3. Video completion retargeting
Video completion retargeting is a tactic allowing you to retarget those who have viewed one of your video ads. This can be done when you are setting up your ad within Centro DSP. While this tactic can be turned on to capture those users who have completed ¼ or ½ of your video, I recommend collecting data only from users who have fully viewed the video ad. We tend to see the best performance among those who have fully completed a video view.  This tactic is a great way to get more mileage out of your video spend and a great way to bridge upper and lower funnel initiatives.

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