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Savvy advertising follows the audience. And now, more than ever, those audiences are flocking to digital video. With BasisTV+, digital media teams can seamlessly tap into advertising’s fastest-growing channel to drive brand awareness and boost return on ad spend.

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of US households
will use a connected
TV device by 2024
- eMarketer, 2022
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What is Connected TV Advertising?

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Connected TV (CTV) is a TV that is connected to the internet and facilitates the delivery of streaming video content. This includes smart TVs, TVs + over-the-top (OTT) devices, TVs + gaming consoles, and TVs + set top boxes. Connected TV advertising enables real-time buying of full-screen, sight, sound, and motion CTV ad placements to reach a specific target audience and attribute ROI to campaigns.

How CTV Ads Work

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A CTV connects to the internet through built-in capabilities or an external “over-the-top” (OTT) device that enables a standard TV set to become a connected TV. Voila!

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Video advertising on connected TV occurs during the in-app experience.

Ex: When a connected TV user opens an app to watch an episode of The Twilight Zone, a video ad would play prior to or during the content.

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A :15 to :30 video ad is similar to a pre-roll ad on desktop, laptop or smartphone, but the user experience is comparable to traditional TV.

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Connecting advertisers with engaged viewers.

Why Connected TV (CTV) Advertising?

Connected TV is more convenient, has premium programming,
and is a cost-effective way to reach a TV audience.
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Create Impact

Develop a well-rounded marketing plan that reaches precise audiences wherever and however they are watching TV—all powered by Basis.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Take advantage of better metrics (i.e., video completion rate, impressions delivered, unique device reach, etc.) and real-time reporting.

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Expand Reach

Find unique audiences and access premium brand inventory with Basis’ best-in-class private marketplace (PMP) library.

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Minimize Waste

Focus ad spend on audience segments that matter. Reach desired groups with Basis’ broad targeting capabilities.

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Drive Brand Advocacy

Provide consumers with more relevant and engaging ad experiences by leveraging Basis’ programmatic buying power.

How BasisTV+ Empowers Digital Advertisers

trackable metrics
with BasisTV+
of US smart TVs are 
accessible through our 
premium TV inventory
advanced TV targeting
parameters with BasisTV+
Basis has literally everything. We have third-party data lists, a massive number of different vendors, private marketplace deals, and a ton of partnerships that are available from day one. We don’t have multiple ad tech vendors—it’s all in Basis.”
— Matt Parker | Founder at Variant

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