Jan 24 2023

Basis Technologies Streamlines Programmatic Guaranteed Ad Buying with Connection to Vendor Directory and Negotiations Module

Enables Advertisers to Communicate Directly with Publishers to Transact Deals on Magnite, OpenX, Triton Digital, Tubi, Xandr, Beachfront, Connatix, Equativ, and Other Suppliers

Chicago — January 24, 2023 — Basis Technologies (https://basis.com), a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, today announced the availability of programmatic guaranteed buying integrated with a vendor directory and communications module. The Basis platform connects programmatic guaranteed campaign execution with holistic media planning, vendor negotiations, and deal activation to streamline this process from start to finish. Inventory suppliers in Basis transacting guaranteed deals include Magnite, OpenX, Triton Digital, Tubi, Beachfront, Connatix, Equativ, and more. The feature is part of the BasisAutomate+ suite that simplifies the most important elements of the campaign process: planning, performance and measurement.

Programmatic guaranteed buying has not been fully automated because it requires manual labor for negotiations and agreements between marketers and publishers -- similar to traditional ways media is bought and sold. It is a desirable form of programmatic advertising because it can give marketers more direct access to guaranteed inventory with control, speed, flexibility and pre-set prices. Basis is the first demand-side platform (DSP) empowering media professionals to find potential publishers, understand market rates, negotiate terms and generate a deal ID for programmatic guaranteed ad serving all in the same workflow in one software dashboard.

“The back-and-forth communication between media buyers and sellers to agree on a programmatic guaranteed deal is just like traditional direct buying, which is not the norm of using a DSP, where campaigns can be set up within a few clicks. When the process of negotiations is less time consuming and more centralized, our media team can focus more on strategy and optimization to create more successful campaigns,” said Jamie Stevenson, senior digital strategist, Kreps Creative (https://www.krepscreative.com). “Programmatic guaranteed activated on Basis streamlines vendor communication, giving us the same agility and scale of programmatic advertising.”

For programmatic guaranteed in Basis:

  • All communication can be conducted within the platform to make the entire process seamless.
  • A directory of 9000+ vendors provides publisher availability, prices and contact info.
  • Market trend price projections enable media planners to compare vendors and evaluate tactics overall alongside non-guaranteed deals, open market bidding, and traditional IO-based buys.
  • The BasisAutomate+ suite unifies a top-rated DSP alongside workflow automation tools to manage ad buys for publisher-direct, paid search and paid social.

Benefits for agencies and media teams are:

  • More effective campaign planning by locking in impressions on high quality media, which helps avoid under-delivery and under-spend.
  • Less manual tasks associated with other types of media buying such as the creation of IOs and data entry – serving as a more automated, efficient and simpler alternative to IO-based buys.
  • Less uncertainty – serving as a more effective way to guarantee ad impressions than open market bidding or non-guaranteed deals.
  • Holistic unified attribution and reporting across guaranteed and non-guaranteed buying.

“Programmatic guaranteed advances media buyers further into programmatic advertising by utilizing methods and standards to ensure that campaigns will be fulfilled. Basis Technologies is connecting planning and negotiations into programmatic guaranteed execution to remove barriers to access and give advertisers more comfort to activate campaigns in this manner,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Basis Technologies. “Our workflow technology is powered by trusted relationships with supply partners that provide us with quality media environments and ease communications with our customers.”

About Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies (https://basis.com) is a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising functions within enterprises. Its SaaS platform is composed of a suite of integrated applications that automate manual operations, standardize business processes, and improve marketing and advertising performance. The technology provides a comprehensive selection of buying methods across all channels and devices, utilizing all major creative types and formats. Basis’ platform creates a single system of record, seamless team collaboration, and actionable data-driven insights yielding material gains in productivity and increased profitability for users. Headquartered in Chicago with offices servicing North America, South America, and Europe, Basis Technologies has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture. Learn more at https://basis.com.

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