Apr 08 2024

CivicScience and Basis Technologies Power Political Ad Targeting and Measurement in First-to-Market Partnership

PITTSBURGH & CHICAGO – CivicScience (https://civicscience.com), a leading provider of first-party, privacy-centric audience data, and Basis Technologies (https://basis.com), a global provider of programmatic advertising and media automation solutions, have joined forces to power omnichannel advertising and measurement among influential voter audiences.

The collaboration between CivicScience and Basis marks a significant milestone in audience targeting and media optimization. Leveraging CivicScience's extensive repository of first-party data and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, the new solution empowers media professionals to create and target highly relevant political audience segments with unparalleled speed, scale, and precision.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Basis Technologies and the launch of this transformative solution," said John Dick, CEO of CivicScience. "With our combined expertise and cutting-edge technology, we empower media buyers and planners to unlock the full potential of their campaigns by delivering highly relevant messaging to the right audiences at the right time."

By harnessing the power of CivicScience's comprehensive self-reported, large-scale polling data and sophisticated NLP capabilities, media buyers and planners can now access a wealth of insights to inform the political advertising strategies they activate through the Basis platform. CivicScience conducts large, Census-representative surveys of U.S. adults through unobstructed polling applications embedded in the content of a vast, demographically, and geographically diverse network of partner websites. This innovative approach enables advertisers to understand diverse political audience segments' nuanced preferences, sentiments, and behaviors, allowing for more effective audience segmentation and targeting across various platforms.

"Basis Technologies and CivicScience are empowering marketers with capabilities to influence public opinion and sentiment, which is crucial in an election year where voters are fragmented and divided," said Tyler Kelly, president, Basis Technologies. "Combining CivicScience's robust audience data with our media automation technology enables our clients to make data-driven decisions to deliver the most compelling messages to voters, influencers and thought leaders at scale on any digital channel."

The partnership between CivicScience and Basis Technologies underscores a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the advertising industry. Together, they are paving the way for a new era of audience targeting and media optimization that lifts the standards for effective advertising and respects consumer privacy.

About CivicScience

CivicScience is a consumer analytics and advertising platform that owns the world's largest and most dynamic attitudinal database ever built. Our first-party, responsibly sourced data enables brands, advertisers, and media companies to see and influence the future.

Learn more at https://civicscience.com

For press Inquiries, please contact: Mary Acklin mary@civicscience.com

About Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies is a global provider of programmatic advertising and media automation software and services for enterprises. The Basis platform improves omnichannel marketing performance by unifying programmatic and direct media buying, workflow automation, cross-channel campaign planning, universal reporting and business intelligence. It delivers a comprehensive selection of buying methods across all channels and devices, utilizing all major creative types and formats. Delivered through a world-class media services team or a SaaS model, Basis solves digital media complexity and drives profitability through a single system of record, seamless team collaboration, and actionable data-driven insights. Headquartered in Chicago with offices servicing North America, South America, and Europe, Basis Technologies has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture. Learn more at https://basis.com.

For press inquiries, please contact: Anthony Loredo, anthony.loredo@basis.com

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