Feb 11 2019

Centro Provided Digital Advertising Education to More Than 4,000 Professionals in 2018

Centro announces significant expansion in 2019 of Centro Institute available courses and content for digital media professionals.

Chicago, February 12, 2019 – Centro (centro.net), a global provider of advertising technology, today announced that more than 4,000 professionals participated in its 2018 education events. Centro Institute provides digital media and advertising education to planners, buyers, directors and executives. It fits the needs of various experience levels so that marketing organizations can ramp up their teams quickly or augment their capabilities. For example, agencies interested in developing an in-house programmatic buying team benefit greatly from the courses offered through Centro Institute. The event schedule has been significantly expanded in 2019 to meet demand, with sessions such as conferences, workshops, and webinars that accommodate both Centro clients and the general public. To explore the programs powered by Centro Institute, visit: centro.net/institute/about.

Advertising Technology is Complex

Advertising technology continues to expand, and programmatic advertising, which is just one aspect of the industry, is already accounting for $40+ billion in business spending in the U.S. The talent that operates in the digital ad industry require ongoing education to understand how to use technology effectively, and improve their media performance. Centro Institute empowers professionals with easy to access learning on a variety of digital media subject matters. It provides a solid foundation of knowledge to get up-to-speed and stay ahead in an evolving industry.

“In addition to providing sophisticated technology, Centro also delivers a world-class, industry-wide education curriculum. We are a free resource for media professionals who aspire to increase their knowledge, learn new innovations and hone their skills,” said Ryan Manchee, VP of media innovations and technology, Centro. “By enhancing their expertise, they’re able to better service clients and drive performance across their teams and organizations.”

About Centro Institute

Centro Institute operates a diverse schedule of sessions covering important topics in digital media, including programmatic buying, connected TV, AI/machine learning, audience data, audio, brand safety, technology, and more. Its content ranges from fundamental knowledge to advanced and expert best practices. The educational programs are designed to empower all who work in advertising, with some events custom created exclusively for Centro clients. Here are details on Centro Institute programs:

  • Certified – Two-days of deep learning for customers, hosted throughout the year at Centro’s headquarters. These live events feature hands-on instruction and collaboration using proven practices and technology. In 2018, 100% of attendees stated they would recommend the event for colleagues. It is a must-attend for advertising professionals interested in using technology to improve their skillset, and their media performance.
  • Workshops – Individualized deep learning sessions tailored to the unique needs of individual agency teams and hosted at their office, or offsite at Centro’s Chicago headquarters. Past topics include Advanced TV, Storytelling with Media, and Programmatic Readiness.
  • Symposiums – In-market educational summits across North America designed to bring together professionals from various organizations for thought-inspiring conversation. Today’s pressing topics are presented and facilitated by subject matter experts. In 2018, Symposiums were held in over a dozen markets, including Boston, Detroit, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City.
  • Webinars – A monthly series covering current advertising technology industry trends, marketing opportunities, trends and learned best practices. More than 4,000 professionals viewed the webinars live or on-demand in 2018.
  • Forums – New for 2019, this roundtable discussions will be hosted in Centro’s Chicago headquarters and are geared for organization leaders looking to grow their business and develop their teams for improved performance.
  • Podcast: AdTech, Unfiltered – Coming in Q2 2019, the on-demand conversations focus on the fast-changing landscape and engage in industry topics with interesting people, while identifying solutions to brand issues.

Agencies and marketers interested in attending in-person programming such as workshops, symposiums and forums can arrange directly with their Centro contact, or by emailing institute@centro.net for more info.

Centro is the creator of Basis, the first programmatic platform fitted with tools for workflow automation, holistic analytics and business intelligence, all available in a single sign-on system. It is a sophisticated and comprehensive media automation and intelligence platform, neatly packaged in an easy-to-use software solution

About Centro

Centro (centro.net) is a global provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertisers. Its technology, Basis, is the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media management platform. Through a single user interface, Basis converges the entire advertising workflow, enabling marketers to plan, buy, analyze and streamline campaigns for programmatic, direct, search and social. By unifying all major aspects of digital media into one platform, Basis breaks down silos, improves performance, and helps businesses grow profitably. Headquartered in Chicago with 40 offices across North America, Centro has received numerous accolades for its programmatic software, commitment to employees and workplace culture.

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