Mar 01 2022

Basis Technologies Blocks Russian State-Owned Media on its Platform

Statement from Shawn Riegsecker, CEO of Basis Technologies

Basis Global Technologies is an active supporter of democracy, national sovereignty, individual freedoms, and peace among all peoples and nations. We stand united with independent Ukraine, its brave military, and its courageous citizens, in strong opposition and condemnation of the Russian invasion.

In line with global economic sanctions, Basis Technologies has blocked all Russian state-owned and controlled media across our platform. This decision will remain in place until Russia’s military invasion and active threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence is neutralized and all Russian military personnel have retreated to their country.

We will monitor and block additional media organizations if we deem their content to aid, support, or distribute content that adds to, or supports, Russia’s behavior. We are also reviewing our business partnerships and agreements to ensure we are not working with any organization sanctioned by the U.S. government involved in the war against Ukraine.

We ask other companies and industry leaders in the media, marketing, and advertising technology sector to publicly stand with Ukraine by enacting similar policies against the Russian state.

We stand in support of the Ukrainian military and its citizens and hope for an end to this war in short order and with minimal bloodshed. We also ask for all to keep in their thoughts the people of Russia, as for many of those citizens, this is not a war they asked for.

We stand with unwavering support for Ukraine.


Shawn Riegsecker
CEO and Founder
Basis Technologies

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