Dec 03 2020

Centro Further Automates Ad Serving and Analytics Workflow for Omnichannel Advertising with New Feature Set

Basis by Centro Gives Media Professionals More Control, Insight and Speed on Campaigns

Chicago – December 3, 2020 — Centro (, a global provider of advertising technology, announced features on its Basis platform to automate workflow on ad serving, analytics and more for omnichannel campaigns. The product upgrades improve speed of activation and campaign management for media professionals at brands and agencies. Basis by Centro is the industry’s most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent digital media platform—and the only software solution of its kind to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, connected TV (CTV), search, and social campaigns.

  • Ad serving workflow – alleviates management of multiple ad tags by consolidating all necessary ad serving information into one dashboard, with user ability to manage ad tags for a Plan, Channel, Vendor, Property and/or Line Item in as little as one click. The dashboard also provides in-line editing functionality for Ad Tag Names and Types.
  • Analytics review – enables easy evaluation and summarization of campaign data by pulling metrics into one view. Users customize the presentation of the content and arrange how data is displayed based on personal preference to increase the speed of their workflow. Users are also able to scan information rapidly to identify performance indicators and potential issues, with options to expand or filter views for deep dives into the data from different tactics being used on campaigns.
  • Geotargeting – gives advertisers more granularity in targeting and reporting for U.S. Congressional Districts. It also adds granularity in European location targeting.
  • Related audiences – provides recommendations of third-party audience segments to use from data providers. Basis’ proprietary modeling technology identifies and scores the segments most closely resembling first-party audiences the advertiser is targeting.
  • Fast campaign creation – allows agile creation of omnichannel, multi-tactic campaigns using data from past or existing campaigns. Media teams using combinations of programmatic, direct-buying, advanced TV, search and social save time—line items, groups and tactics are copied, with users choosing elements from previous campaigns to use in the new campaigns.

“The capabilities of Basis empower the individual media professional, giving us speed and efficiency in our day-to-day work,” said Andrew Finnan, VP of digital strategy, The Prosper Group. “Our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries because our team is able to synthesize advertising technology improvements into smart activation, deep campaign insights and better performance.”

Basis delivers comprehensive and robust media tools combined with usability and ease of adoption. It is designed to be flexible for media professionals at any level. It combines numerous media functions into one platform, with the ease to toggle quickly on different panels to manage the minutiae of campaigns. Learn more about how Basis provides value to directors, planners, buyers, and analysts here:

“The enterprise- and leadership-level benefits of Basis make it a must-have for agencies and media teams to manage their entire organizations. And its tools make it a must-have for productive media professionals,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Centro. “Centro has focused product development on practical functionality that our users are telling us will improve their day-to-day tasks to keep campaigns running.”

About Centro

Centro ( is a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising organizations. Its technology platform, Basis, is the first of its kind SaaS advertising solution unifying programmatic and direct media buying, along with workflow automation, cross-channel campaign planning, universal reporting and business intelligence. It boosts media, team and business performance by enabling advertisers to plan, buy and analyze real-time bidding (RTB), direct, advanced TV, search and social campaigns in a single platform. Headquartered in Chicago with 44 offices covering North America, South America and Europe, Centro has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture.

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