Jul 28 2021

Independent Study Shows Advertisers Achieve 48% ROI Through Automation on Basis Platform

Research Framework Calculates Risk-Adjusted $5.4 Million Net Present Value of Benefits Generated When Brands Use Basis by Centro

Chicago – July 29, 2021 — Centro (https://centro.net), a global provider of enterprise automation technology, today announced the results of an independently researched study showing a 48% return-on-investment (ROI) for advertisers automating on Centro’s Basis platform. Furthermore, enterprise-scale marketing organizations can gain $5.4 million in net present value (NPV) from using Basis. The complete findings are revealed in “The Total Economic Impact of In-Housing with Basis,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Centro. Download it here: https://centro.net/guides/2021/07/basis-economic-impact-study.

Forrester Consulting (https://www.forrester.com) provides objective research-based consulting to help leaders succeed in their organizations. Its financial and ROI analysis of Basis customers quantified benefits from:

  • Managed services fees savings – the reduction of an organization’s outside management fees.
  • Speed and workflow cost savings by automating processes – the automation of processes and 43% reduction of FTE time for manual tasks such as publisher RFPs, insertion orders and revisions, ad tag communications with vendors and more.
  • Analysis cost savings by having comprehensive multi-channel campaign data in platform – the interoperability and consolidation of information into one platform through search, social, programmatic, and publisher-direct integrations.
  • Data consolidation, integration, and storage cost savings – the improvement of efficiencies in gathering, consolidating, and storing data related to a campaign’s life cycle. Customers gain one system of record where this data is consolidated and accessible.

Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study examines the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Basis. It constructed a framework by interviewing large brands using Basis to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment. This information was rationalized with Forrester’s industry expertise to model a composite company representing an enterprise-scale Basis customer. The study provides marketers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Basis on their organizations.

“The rapid adoption of Basis has established it as the software of choice for the marketing enterprise to integrate workflow automation, intelligence and programmatic trading,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Centro. “The quantified and qualified benefits of Centro’s technology shows that it is the solution for the ever-growing complexity and disconnection in digital advertising.”

Customer comments published in the study further illustrate the attributes of Basis:

  • “Access to Basis provides a lot more transparency to be able to judge whether our spend is cost-effective.” Digital marketing director, electronics.
  • “The platform is relatively easy to use, therefore all of that savings has been redeployed to media spend.” – SVP strategic marketing, financial services.
  • “The use of Basis has allowed us to spend less time figuring out media performance. Everything is within this platform, and it takes just a few clicks sometimes to generate reports.” -- Performance marketing manager, retail.

Basis is the industry’s most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent digital media platform—and the only software solution of its kind to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, connected TV (CTV), search, and social campaigns. Customers use it to drive business outcomes by unifying digital operations, integrating otherwise disconnected processes, systems and point solutions to create a seamless workflow and centralized system of record for the marketing enterprise. Learn more at https://centro.net/solutions/basis. 

In the study, Forrester Consulting also qualifies other benefits of Basis that customers highlight:

  • Data ownership and transparency – the ability to own campaign data. Customers collect and store data around all digital media campaigns in one platform. Customers control and access granular performance data in real-time, view breakdowns of data costs and media costs, and pull reports directly from the platform.
  • Media campaign deployment visibility and control – the ability to use the platform and work from the most current status of each campaign. Rework or effort duplication is avoided, and different employees can manage and continue the efforts started by others.
  • Visibility and access to advertising inventory – the unification of a robust DSP, publisher direct relationships, search and social together in one place. Brands access more inventory in the same platform rather than using multiple platforms for similar or less efficient results.

About Centro

Centro (https://centro.net) is a provider of ERP and automation software for digital advertising teams and organizations. Its technology platform, Basis, is the first of its kind SaaS advertising solution unifying programmatic and direct media buying, along with workflow automation, cross-channel campaign planning, universal reporting and business intelligence. It streamlines business operations and optimizes advertising performance by enabling marketers to plan, buy and analyze real-time bidding (RTB), direct, advanced TV, search and social campaigns in a single platform. Headquartered in Chicago with offices covering North America, South America and Europe, Centro has received numerous accolades for its commitment to employees and workplace culture.

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