Cannabis Marketing in the Roaring 2020's

66% of voters in the U.S. support adult-use legalization, and 91% support medical marijuana. As of August 2021, eighteen states have legalized adult use, and more than 40 have medical marijuana laws. 

While the eventual federal legalization of cannabis is inevitable, marketers today must navigate a complex advertising landscape. Multiple sets of regulations stack up, from federal and state governments to individual advertising channels. Even if an ad passes all those layers of regulation, it can still be denied —for any reason—by a publisher. 

Marketers in this space are tasked with more than just selling a strictly regulated consumer good. Their job is to educate, change minds, and reframe stigmas about cannabis use. It’s a tall order—but as the cliché goes, diamonds are made under pressure. 

Read on to learn how marketers can effectively navigate the challenges of cannabis marketing in the U.S., in order to take full advantage of its many opportunities. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Who is buying cannabis, and how to market to them
  • How to navigate the cannabis marketing regulatory landscape
  • What sets a cannabis campaign up for success
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