Mar 2021
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Search Optics is Raising the Bar with Basis

Meet Search Optics

Search Optics offers class-leading marketing technology backed by real people. Headquartered in the Detroit area with a global footprint, Search Optics is a full-service marketing agency specializing in SEM, SEO, programmatic, and analytics with expertise in the automotive industry. They are constantly raising the technological bar and pair their MarTech expertise with human logic, heart, integrity, and hands-on experience.

The Impact of Basis:

World-Class Service Helps You do More

From quick questions to deep strategic conversations, Search Optics is fully supported by multiple layers of people and teams at Basis Technologies. The support they have received has enabled Search Optics to do more for their clients with fast turnaround times and increased capabilities for the agency.

Basis user and Programmatic Team Lead at Search Optics, Trevor McCalmont shared, “The teams at Basis Technologies always exceed our expectations. Most vendors will say "we’ll find the answer." With Basis Technologies, you ask and that person knows the answer. It gives us confidence.”

Support for Fluctuating Workloads

When Search Optics needed extra hands, Basis Technologies quickly provided a knowledgeable and flexible workforce. A large client recently heavied up their holiday promotions requiring significant additional bandwidth. To deliver, Search Optics would normally have to hire, on-board, and train new media planners for temporary work, which wasn’t feasible with the fast turn-around requested. Basis Technologies' managed services team stepped in and provided the additional bandwidth, seamlessly bringing in smart, digital media-savvy Basis experts. Together, the teams successfully executed the additional influx of campaigns.

Flexible and Creative Solutions

The marketing world is full of unique business challenges. Basis Technologies is nimble, flexible, and invested in finding solutions that work for you. “The teams at Basis Technologies are focused on doing what is right for Search Optics, our goals, and our clients,” said Trevor McCalmont, Programmatic Team Lead at Search Optics. “Basis has been very agile and creative in finding solutions for our business.”

Basis Technologies has worked closely with Search Optics to build solutions for currency conversion, seasonal bandwidth needs, and product enhancements.

Scalable Tech Supports Your Clients' Needs

During any given month, Search Optics executes several hundred campaigns through Basis. Not only does the platform keep up with the volume, but the organization features and tools help Search Optics stay on top of their campaigns and enable the team to move quickly.  

The Search Optics team enjoys features like bulk editing, universal search, and duplicating line items, flights, groups, and tactics.  These features help the execution team easily flight campaigns and quickly manage renewals.


Trevor McCalmont, Programmatic Team Lead, Search Optics

"Basis Technologies' consistently amazing service and readiness to assist give us the ability and the confidence to do more for our clients."


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