Sep 23 2022
Amy Rumpler

Innovations in Search and Social [September 2022]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? Basis’ Senior Vice President of Paid Search and Social compiles all the latest news, trends, and resources each month for easy access.

Report: US Search Ad Spending 2022 [:18]

This report from eMarketer shows search ad spend increasing in 2023 to more than $111.80 billion—almost twice what was spent in 2019. Search will account for 28.6% of total media spend this year, with Google capturing the dominant percentage. Amazon and other e-commerce-focused search ads continue to see steadily increased spend as well.

Microsoft Announces Multimedia Ads [:02]

Shown at the top of search results in Bing, Windows 11, and Microsoft Start, Microsoft's new ad formats are infographic-inspired. The collages of videos and images (reminiscent of Instant Experience ads on Facebook) can expand into fuller screen, interactive units. This article contains more details, best practices, and a link to Microsoft-supplied case studies.

Facebook is the Leader in Social Commerce (Report) [:02]

With a large number of Facebook buyers shopping on Marketplace, the platform has exceeded Instagram and TikTok in the number of users who have completed at least one purchase in the last year through their network. The disproportionately high number of consumer-to-consumer sales accounting for their annual sales figure, however, makes it hard to know how successful Facebook is at achieving actual business-to-consumer social sales.

Snap Study: Recognizing Augmented Reality’s Full Potential [:15]

Snap partnered with Ipsos to survey over 25,000 people with the goal of better understanding what consumers and brands really think about augmented reality (AR). Their research revealed that while the majority of brands feel AR is primarily used for fun, consumer interest is around learning in immersive ways, traveling and exploring the world, and more. Plus, 70% of those surveyed believe that AR helps make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

YouTube Experiments with New Insights to Help Guide Content Strategy [:02]

A recent Creator Insider sneak peak video revealed some new analytics coming to Creator Studio. The new features will provide greater insight into what audiences are interested in based on their search behavior and engagement on YouTube. They can also help with planning by giving a deeper look at what people are watching and how they move from video to video based on recommendations from the platform.

TikTok Adds Regional Trend Insights to Data Tool [:01]

As previously promised, TikTok has increased the data available through their Insights tool to provide new filters and cards marketers can download for use in presentations. Trends can be analyzed across different demographic audiences, industries, seasonal time periods, and regions.

Understanding Video Distribution on Facebook [:06]

With a wide variety of ways for users to consume video across the Facebook ecosystem (Reels, Stories, Live, In-feed, Watch), Meta shared some details on how their algorithm determines what to show users, and where. This article explains the signals that have the greatest influence on video distribution: originality, ability to capture and retain attention, people returning to view more videos, and other types of engagement.

Google Announces New Features for Merchants [:05]

Four new features from Google are coming just in time for the holiday season. This summary (which is also full of general tips and best practices on how to reach consumers across Google’s network) details the new offerings, which include "product-specific insights," the ability to include estimated delivery dates and return policies in shopping ads, content API updates to seamless sales and promotion management, and more.


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