Jun 1 2023
Ryan Manchee

Scout: The Magic of Tech, Lessons on Engaging with Diverse Creators, and More


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so you don't have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 5/26/23 – 6/1/23 to stay ahead of the curve:

Not a Seasonal Cash Grab: Brand Lessons on Engaging With Diverse Creators [:04]

Recently, several companies have received backlash for high-profile LGBTQ+ partnerships. While some brands have doubled down on their support of the community, others have responded by distancing themselves, resulting in understandable outrage from the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. This piece explores why it’s important for companies “to get clear about what they actually stand for, and what they stand against.”    

After 10 straight months of ad spend declines, what’s next for the industry? [:04]

April 2023 saw the downward trend of ad spend continue, including lower ad revenues for some social media platforms and losses in legacy media. That said, April’s drop is the smallest since September 2022, and certain media formats (see: digital and out-of-home) are experiencing growth. It has experts wondering: Could these be signs of a possible rebound for the ad market? 

6 Marketing Challenges in the Travel Industry Today [:08]

It’s a wild world out there for travel marketers. Learn all about the key challenges travel marketing teams should be aware of—from increased demand for personalization, to heightened awareness of prices, to the need for an omnichannel approach—and get strategies marketers can use to address them.

With advertising in flux, Twitter is outsourcing ad monetization to ad tech [:03]

Just weeks after introducing former NBCUniversal media exec Linda Yaccarino as its new CEO, Twitter has begun testing the sale of mobile ad inventory through adtech marketplace Inmobi, signaling a potential move away from its former walled-garden status. 

The Magic of Tech / The Complexity of Humans. [:07]  

In his most recent newsletter, advertising luminary Rishad Tobaccowala explains how successful individuals and companies can decide how best to use technology—with the most successful marrying the magic of tech with the mystery of humanity to differentiate, innovate and turbo-charge talent. (Psst: Be sure to check out more from Rishad on the AdTech Unfiltered podcast!)

Test Your Digital Advertising Knowledge!

Show off your marketing chops with our question of the week. This week’s hot topic: the 2023 upfronts.  

What fraction of ad spend did digital video account for in this year’s upfronts? 

A. Two-thirds 

B. One-half 

C. One-fourth

Get the answer here, as well as a breakdown of how advertisers should approach TV in this moment given the writer’s strike, industry personnel churn, streaming convergence, and more.


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