Sep 21 2023
Ryan Manchee

Scout: The Future of TikTok, AI Data Privacy Solutions, and More


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so you don't have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 9/15/23 – 9/21/23 to stay ahead of the curve:

ByteDance and US government seek middle ground for TikTok's future [:02]

Talks have resumed between ByteDance and the US government regarding federal access to and control over user data. This will likely postpone any possibility of the social platform’s sell-off or nationwide ban—a welcome development for brands who’ve leaned into advertising on TikTok.   

Advertising on Snapchat: What Marketers Need to Know [:06]

Speaking of social, while Snapchat gets less attention than TikTok, the platform’s renewed focus on augmented reality (AR) may open new opportunities for advertisers. Here, learn what marketers should know about Snap’s recent ups and downs, and how to best leverage the channel.

The Google Trial Is Going to Rewrite Our Future [:05]

In this op-ed, Columbia Law Professor Constance Wu explores how the verdict of the Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit against Google’s parent company, Alphabet, will set a precedent for regulating tech competition that will impact "the battle over commercialized artificial intelligence, as well as newer technologies we cannot yet envision.” No big deal!

Why regulators at the FTC and beyond are turning an eye to child safety in gaming in 2023 [:04]

According to new findings from the FTC, children are struggling more and more to discern advertising from other types of content, particularly on gaming platforms. As a result, there’s a huge push for increased regulation when it comes to child safety on these platforms.

OpenAI hopes ChatGPT Enterprise will answer employers’ data privacy concerns [:05]

With all the buzz around generative AI, there’s also been significant concern around data and privacy—particularly from companies concerned with protecting their proprietary data. OpenAI’s answer: ChatGPT Enterprise, a tool that allows employers to own and control their business data.

Test Your Digital Advertising Knowledge!

Show off your marketing chops with our question of the week. This week’s hot topic: Higher education.

In what year will higher ed institutions likely see a significant enrollment drop off, caused by a US population shift during the Great Recession?

a) 2025

b) 2026

c) 2027

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