Jun 22 2023
Ryan Manchee

Scout: The Ad Agency Jobs AI Will Replace, Cannes Grand Prix Winners, and More


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so you don't have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 6/16/23 - 6/22/23 to stay ahead of the curve:

AI Will Replace Over 30,000 Ad Agency Jobs, Report Says—Here Are The Roles Most At Risk [:02]

This post was written by a human, but by 2030? Who knows: A new report from Forrester predicts that artificial intelligence will lead to the loss of 33,000 US advertising agency jobs by the end of the decade. This article takes a look at some of the positions that may be most at risk.

Cannes Lions 2023: see all the Grand Prix winners so far [:02]

It’s Cannes Lion season, when the ad industry’s best and brightest descend on the French Riviera to celebrate creativity, innovation, and (let’s be honest) go to some killer parties. Keep tabs on all of this year’s winners with this handy, regularly updated list.

TV Upfront Budgets Down Significantly—Why It Could Benefit Streamers [:04]

It’s been quite a dramatic time for TV advertising, and the plot twists show no sign of slowing. This piece breaks down what’s going on with TV pricing and advertisers’ budgets, and what it all means for this year and beyond.

The Do’s and Don’ts of TikTok Marketing [:06]

Despite many countries’ efforts to ban the app, TikTok remains a social and video (and even search!) powerhouse: It’s forecast to overtake YouTube in daily screen time, and 75% of US brands are planning to increase their spend on the channel this year. This piece takes a look at how brands can succeed on the platform.

Gannett sues Google, alleges online ad monopoly [:02]

On the heels of getting hit with yet another antitrust charge from the European Commission last week, Google is now facing a lawsuit from Gannett, the largest US newspaper chain, which alleges that Google is “trying to corner the market for online advertising by monopolizing ad technology.”

Economic Uncertainty Could Have More Publishers and Marketers Trying Programmatic Ads for Podcasts [:06]

Economic uncertainty is presenting a silver lining for podcasts and programmatic advertisers alike: Pressured to maximize their media investments, buyers have pulled away from podcasts, pushing podcasters to open their inventory to programmatic transactions. As a result, advertisers are gaining access to more inventory at lower CPMs, while podcasters are monetizing unclaimed ad slots.

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