Mar 30 2015
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RTB Zeitgeist: Getting to grips with programmatic


Republished from the SiteScout blog.

2015 is the year marketers will realize that programmatic isn’t a fad. It will all come down to the better access it enables to data and precise execution, to a scaled variety of inventory and the resulting reach, and to ideas and practices that were only accessible to the biggest advertisers just a couple of years ago.

Another programmatic prediction for 2015 is that the supply side will begin to wake up to what programmatic actually means. Publishers will feel pressure to create new products and invest in digital brand activity, including programmatically delivering rich media and online video ad inventory.

A final programmatic prediction for 2015 is that people working in the space will start to care more about the messaging and creative. Media practitioners will advocate flexible, well-matched creative that’s informed by programmatic data, and that boosts ad performance.

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Programmatic Video to be a Focus in 2015

Programmatic video’s going to have a big year. Recent research says that almost four times as many agencies think they’ll spend the majority of their video ad budget programmatically in 2015 compared to 2014.

The research found that 22 percent of agencies plan to dedicate most of their video ad budgets to programmatic this year, an increase from 6 percent last year. Thirty-five per cent plan on spending roughly half of their video ad budgets on programmatic platforms in 2015, which is up from 32 percent last year, while 43 percent expect to dedicate a minority of their budgets to programmatic, a decrease from 63 percent in 2014.

The research also indicated that mobile video is the category in which most agencies expect to see the fastest growth in digital media spend this year.

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Procter & Gamble CMO Pritchard: Programmatic Delivers Business Lift

Programmatic has been a boon for Procter & Gamble’s business, said the company’s Global Marketing Officer, Marc Pritchard.

In an interview with Ad Exchanger, Pritchard cited programmatic’s ability to enable more precise targeting at a valuable price as a significant business lift. Programmatic, said Pritchard, is inevitable and P&G is interested in the tech because of the value it creates for consumers, publishers and advertisers alike.

In addressing programmatic-related challenges such as fraud and viewability, for P&G it’s all about elevating everything to focus on the consumer experience. That includes targeting consumers with the content they want to see when they want to see it in order to effectively engage them and encourage sales.

He also talked about the value of data to P&G. “Analytics are a major part of what we’re about, and it’s an obvious part of what the industry is moving toward,” Pritchard added.

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