Sep 30 2015
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Publisher News: Industry Insights


Why Publishers Should Act Like Agencies
Centro’s own Katie Risch, vice president of publisher development, highlights what publishers need to do to pull ahead of the pack and increase revenue. Whereas standalone publishers can only place ads on their owned and operated properties, digital agencies offer a central channel where an ad can be placed on any site or device. By adopting an agency mindset and implementing a reach or audience extension solution, publishers can meet advertisers’ needs across the board. Get the full story>>

What SMBs Need from Technology       
A June 2015 poll found that over 31% of SMBs see their leading tech challenge as figuring out how technology solutions could help their businesses. Organizations are looking for technology vendors to articulate how their solutions can help meet specific business goals and deliver a consistent experience across channels. Check out all the findings on eMarketer>>

More on Mobile
While the growth in mobile advertising is not an unusual subject to see in the digital trades, Forbes sheds new light and deeper perspective on this hot topic. The article includes some good points for the late adopting advertiser who may have been overlooking the mobile space. You’ll also find out why mobile is essential to your business. Learn more here>>

TV and Radio Commercials Trigger Digital Research
In this article, eMarketer discusses a new study from Market Track, which found that a high percentage of U.S. internet users are using a second screen while watching TV and commercials. Following exposure to a TV or radio commercial, many users turn to their second screen to research and shop products featured in those advertisements. Find out more on this trend>>