Aug 10 2015
Basis Technologies

Publisher News: Industry Insights

The Value of Non-Working Media Dollars
Marketers have traditionally categorized media spend into working and non-working dollars. Working dollars pay for the media, while non-working dollars go toward markups and tech fees. Some marketers might feel uncertain about the value of those investments, but the non-working dollars ensure the quality of service and success of an advertising campaign. Although programmatic technology allows for real-time automated buying, successful campaigns require a highly-skilled operations team that is able to monitor and optimize campaigns in real-time. Learn more value on AdExchanger.

Mobile Tech Working for Small Business Owners
Recent research from Manta found that 80% of small business owners are using mobile devices for business purposes at least once per day, with 55% of owners scheduling appointments and communicating with customers via mobile. Nearly half of all small business owners surveyed also accessed mobile apps for business between two and three times a day. All of this points to a higher demand for mobile content consumption among small businesses, which in turn, has resulted in less time being spent on desktop computers. Check out the full results on eMarketer.

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