Jan 8 2012
Basis Team

Paid, Owned and Earned Media, Agency Obstacles

  • The digital landscape is increasingly more complex, which makes it even more important to focus on building strategic, integrated plans that leverage paid media to enhance owned media and elevate earned media. Below is a great article that effectively speaks to focusing on this multi-channel approach vs. focusing on individual devices and channels alone. Along with this integrated approach, effective branding is imperative; it’s the glue that ties it all together. Read More: Balancing Paid, Owned and Earned Media a Must for Multichannel Market
  • A recent study conducted among regional ad agencies uncovers a multitude of obstacles around a common theme, digital expertise. The article below includes compelling insights that uncover a need for experts who can manage, understand and interpret the complex landscape. This is a great point to highlight: “Programmatic digital buying and the expertise needed around it are a world apart from the spots and dots of traditional media. These inaccurate expectations combined with the challenges of campaign metrics could certainly lead agency owners and top executives to rethink speeding headfirst into their next digital project.“As regional agencies lean on vendors and other industry experts, we expect to see a hockey-stick-like understanding of digital and how it fits into the entire media picture.”  Read More: Study: More Regional Ad Agencies Budget for Digital Specialists
  • There is a need for efficiency in digital media. It’s time to start thinking about how to move faster and think smarter when it comes to digital media. With efficiency, there is growth. Rather than cutting budgets and removing resources, marketers should start thinking about strategic ways to identify and improve operational tasks to extend their capabilities. These capabilities should be leveraged outside of internal teams, so a continued focus remains on creative and strategic work that leads to greater ROI. Can you imagine how efficient digital media would be? Read more: A Need for Efficiency in Digital Media