Oct 24 2012
Noor Naseer

The Mobile Metric Map Out


When dealing with the digital analytics space, all marketers are essentially looking for the same thing: To quantify the effectiveness of their strategic media campaigns.

Advertisers naturally maintain this same expectation in the mobile realm. However, breaking into a new media space raises a critical question: What types of user engagement will effectively drive valuable user interaction on a mobile device?

recent article featured on Adotas.com highlights the core goals of marketers in the digital space and those goals’ existence in relation to mobile media metrics. The piece breaks metrics into three key categories: Interest, intent and conversion.

Interest metrics target the scope of a mobile user’s search for information on brands and products along with corresponding price points and time spent interacting with a particular brand or product.

Intent metrics identify leads to store locations and e-commerce sites. Such metrics can include clicks to call nearby store locations and links to digital retailers, store maps and driving directions.

The final category, conversion metrics, focuses on the point of sale; conversion metrics are defined as purchase actions made by smartphone or tablet devices or variations on in-store coupon redemption with a mobile device.

These topline categories provide a simple structure for better understanding measurable actions on mobile devices. Breaking out metrics categorically can be a straightforward way for advertisers to visualize strategic options and better measure the return on their mobile advertising investment.

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