Jul 15 2020
Gabriel Ribadeneira

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Every campaign has a goal. And behind every campaign, there's a media buyer working diligently to ensure that goal is met.

Day after day, these superhumans evaluate campaign performance and make real-time optimizations to improve results. But when you're managing 20, 60, or 80 campaigns, it’s incredibly hard to keep track of all the changes made in a day.

Until now, optimization logs were the best solution the advertising industry could come up with to tackle this problem. These logs often show up as shared Google Sheets into which buyers input the date, time, author, platform, campaign, and other details about each optimization they make.  

The flaw is that maintaining well-organized logs that include all those important details isn’t a clean process. Each time buyers log information outside the system they're working in, they must exit the task in order to add a note to their optimization log.

The process is disruptive, cumbersome, and time-consuming, which discourages buyers from tracking optimizations.  

Centro created a browser extension compatible with any digital marketing platform. Basis Assistant is a one-of-a-kind tool that aims to help marketers grow their business by simplifying logging processes and facilitating knowledge sharing among teams.

Whether they're running a programmatic campaign in the open exchange, buying impressions in a social media platform, or creating a report in a dashboarding tool, users can input notes from all these sources in Basis Assistant without switching programs. 

Basis Assistant provides members with access to contextually relevant information that explains why, when, where, and how a change was made. This equips members with the knowledge they need to carry out their activities without having to schedule another meeting, send an email, or coordinate a video chat to discuss a campaign’s status. 

In an industry that's based on collaboration, ensuring that teammates have access to detailed information about the status of campaigns is fundamental to success. Internal communication shouldn’t involve filling 5, 7, or 12 rows in a spreadsheet so that you and your peers can know a creative was swapped, a bid was increased, or a targeting parameter was removed to boost performance.  

Optimization logs aren’t just notepads. They contain a wealth of knowledge that can and should be used by teams to expedite communication, learn from each other’s ideas, and revisit the past in order to make better decisions in the future.  

Built for remote work. Built for collaboration. Built for cross-channel media management.  

Basis Assistant was built for you.  

Download the extension today.