Feb 23 2022
Amy Rumpler

Innovations in Search & Social [February 2022]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? Basis’ Senior Vice President of Paid Search and Social compiles all the latest news, trends, and resources each month for easy access.

Report: Amazon Prime Users Increasingly Start Shopping with Google Search

eMarketer found that more than 57% of online shoppers begin their journeys on Google platforms—an increase of 3 points from May of last year, and a shift that's even more prevalent among Amazon Prime members. This is likely a result of Google’s recent focus on shopping-related initiatives, like offering free listings and allowing people to check in-store inventory directly within Google search.

How Google Uses AI in Google Search

Google continues to lean into machine learning to help Google Search return relevant results for users. Here, Search Engine Land offers an in-depth explanation of all of the different behind-the-scenes tools that work together (along with natural human search behavior) to influence ranking within the SERP. Learn when and where AI comes into play, as well as what search marketers need to know about AI’s influence on Google search.

YouTube Outlines Key Areas of Growth, Including the Rise of Shorts and its Expanding Creator Economy

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has shared an overview of the platform’s key areas of focus for 2022. These include a renewed focus on Shorts (Youtube's TikTok-like short form video platform), which recently hit 5 trillion overall views. Wojcicki also highlighted how creators can make more money on YouTube, which is key to attracting content developers and in turn capturing additional engagement from viewers.

With New Shopping Lenses, Browsing Products is Simple with a Swipe

Snapchat lenses have long been used to help Snapchatters engage with, try on, browse, and shop for products through their device’s camera. This new type of shopping lens also lets users see details on color options, sizing, similar items from the retailer, and price, as well as swipe through multiple products all in one place. Currently in early BETA, Shopping Lenses should be expanding in the coming months.

Pinterest Introduces AR Try On for Home Décor Shopping Experiences

Pinterest's new feature allows Pinners to shop for home décor inspiration using AR technology to virtually place items from US retailers into their homes. With millions turning to the platform for home décor inspiration monthly, this new experience aims to shorten the decision-making process for home décor in the same way that AR technology lets users try on beauty or retail products with your camera.

TikTok Partners with Zefr on Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement

Basis' TikTok reps recently shared the news that Zefr is launching new measurement solutions for in-feed ads in North America, the UK, and the EU to provide third-party reassurance that their investment is being delivered next to suitable content for their brand. Post-campaign video-level insights and analytics are available against all of the GARM suitability risk categories, in addition to TikTok’s built-in pre-campaign inventory filters that can be applied to qualify content in advance of placement.

Pinterest: 6 Tips for Idea Pins

Idea pins, though launched globally last year, are still a relatively under-utilized content format within Pinterest. An evolution of the story format, idea pins allow for full-screen video, designed to engage and inspire Pinners. With more people gravitating toward shorter-form video content, Pinterest released these new tips to help brands looking to test the format to get started.

eMarketer Reports: How Platforms Perform for Influencer Marketing

Recent surveys show that Instagram is the top channel for influencer marketing in the US, because of their creator-friendly environment and well-developed branded content tools. While Facebook sits in the #2 position, Twitter and Snapchat also made the list, with 25% and 17% of influencer marketers planning to use their platforms this year. Not surprisingly, TikTok has risen drastically since 2020, with two-thirds of influencer marketers reporting that they plan to use the platform in 2022.

US Social Network Users 2022 Statistics Report

eMarketer recently updated their forecasts for 2022 usage across Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Facebook/Instagram. By 2025, they predict TikTok will remain the third most-popular social network in the US, behind Instagram and Facebook in internet user penetration, followed closely behind by Snapchat. 

Side note: eMarketer also published a new report highlighting which social networks excel at holding users’ attention, finding that TikTok tops the scales in average time spent per day on a social networking platform.

LinkedIn: Record Engagement Continues Amid the “Great Reshuffle”

As people continue to evaluate how and where they work, LinkedIn reports that the platform continues to be “mission critical” in helping to connect communities, job seekers, employers, skills, and sellers/buyers. Microsoft also reported increases in LinkedIn events, and announced some new tools within the events space.