Apr 19 2022
Amy Rumpler

Innovations in Search & Social [April 2022]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? Basis’ Senior Vice President of Paid Search and Social compiles all the latest news, trends, and resources each month for easy access.

Meta Lays Out Short and Long-term Plans for NFTs on Instagram [:02]

At SXSW, Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision for NFTs making their way to Instagram “in the near term.” In this article, eMarketer shares information on both the current state of NFTs as well as what will be needed to satisfy Meta’s longer-term goals for a metaverse + NFT ecosystem.

For more, read about Meta’s 10-year plan for the metaverse here.

Snap Aims at the Metaverse with New AR Product [:01]

A new Snapchat AR feature, “custom landmarkers,” lets users and marketers create AR visuals tied to a specific location, such as storefront displays, billboards and more. This is a good example of how some companies are focusing on empowering users to access virtual worlds through their phones instead of via expensive headsets.

YouTube Launches New Livestream Features [:02]

In (what's likely) a move to lure content creators away from other platforms, YouTube is investing in several new live streaming features that make it easy to connect and engage with fans in real-time. For example, a new pilot program, “Go Live Together,” will allow creators to invite guests to livestreams by sending a link. 

Twitter Announces Three New Ad Formats [:02]

Pilot tests recently began for "interactive text," "product explorer" and "collection" ads. The first ad format appears with bolder text in user timelines with up to three words that can click out to separate landing pages. Product explorer ads offer 3D opportunities for users to swipe and rotate product images to see them from different angles. Collection ads display one primary image with up to five additional thumbnail images that can all drive to separate landing pages or websites.

TikTok Launches Search Ads BETA [:02]

Behind-the-scenes screenshots of a new TikTok ad format show a “sponsored” label in search results that appear above other content in the app. This will reportedly eventually enable advertisers to feature content to users based on specific terms they are looking for, reaching those with higher intent and interest.

Pinterest Partners with WooCommerce to Expand Product Listings [:01]

WooCommerce merchants can now convert product catalogs into Shoppable Pins, expanding opportunities for exposure and sales. By also launching a new Pinterest app within WooCommerce, merchants can enable automatic tag deployment and catalog ingestion, in addition to being able to launch ads directly from the interface via the Pinterest API.

US Search Ad Revenue Grew 33% Last Year [:02]

Paid search accounted for 41.4% of all digital ad revenue in 2021, according to this IAB Report. Digital video experienced the most growth, however, with 51% increase. 

TikTok Ad Revenue to Triple in 2022 [:02]

According to eMarketer, TikTok’s ad revenues will surpass those of Twitter and Snapchat combined this year, claiming 2.4% of the US ad market. TikTok’s popularity among teens, along with its push for in-app shopping and social commerce, is helping.

Twitter Trends: 2022 Report [:10]

After analyzing billions of tweets over a two-year period, Twitter conversation data revealed three big trends that indicate where the world is going. “The Great Restoration” reveals a renewed focus on personal and planetary health. “Fan Built Worlds” explores how users are leaning into immersive experiences and virtual marketplaces. Finally, “Finance Goes Social” is about more than just cryptocurrency and Bitcoin—it indicates that people are looking for decentralized resources and products that help the average person become more comfortable with new types of financial investing.

The Snapchat Generation Report: 2022 [:13]

This report highlights what Snapchat knows about the users who access their platform daily to connect, communicate and create with filters, lenses, photos, and videos. In short, their users are aligned with a visual-first mentality, are 1.6x more likely to use AR for try-on capabilities, and are more loyal when it comes to supporting brands and connections.