Jul 22 2022
Amy Rumpler

Innovations in Search and Social [July 2022]


What’s new in the realms of paid search and social media? Basis’ Senior Vice President of Paid Search and Social compiles all the latest news, trends, and resources each month for easy access.

eMarketer Social Media Update: Q2 2022 [:15]

eMarketer covers key developments across major social networks in the last quarter, and analyzes what they mean for marketers and advertisers.

Snapchat Launches Snapchat+ Subscription Service [:02]

Launching in nine countries with more to come soon, Snapchat's new USD$3.99 per month service contains “a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features” for paying users. This is an interesting update to keep an eye on, as many other social networks continue to consider how paid subscription models might fit into their futures.

Google Tests new AR Glasses, Lenses for Visual Search and More [:01]

According to a recent announcement, Google is testing new glasses that include “in-lens displays, microphones, and cameras” that are designed to help fulfill everyday needs such as translating menus or finding directions to a nearby store. Unlike Snapchat Spectacles⁠, these are not intended to capture photos or videos—Google is instead exploring utilities like translation, transcription and navigation.

What’s New with Meta’s Metaverse Ambitions? [:02]

eMarketer covers the latest news in Meta’s metaverse plans, including their all-in approach at Cannes and how growth in the global VR headset market is setting them up for the future.

YouTube TV Reaches 5 Million Subscribers [:01]

Now available in over 99.5% of households in the US, with more than 100 channels available, its rising popularity means YouTube continues to claim market share of overall entertainment time. Linked in this article are some additional insights on YouTube viewership that help illustrate its popularity.

YouTube Announcements: Shopify Partnerships, Expanded e-Commerce Tools [:04]

Shopify merchants will now be able to link stores and showcase product inventory in live streams, videos, and in a new YouTube channel “Store” tab. Users in the US, Brazil, and India will also see a new Shopping experience in the “Explore” tab, making it easier for consumers to find products that appeal to them.

Pinterest Revs up Shopping with New Features for Retailers [:02]

New Pinterest enhancements include an updated API for shopping feeds, the ability to make product pins shoppable, shop tabs on profiles, and more. With the number of users engaging with shopping surfaces on Pinterest growing 215% year over year, eMarketer suspects these are just the first of many announcements around capabilities in this area to come.

Twitter Study: How Brand Conversation Powers Shopping [:03]

Twitter tapped Publicis to run a study of almost 10,000 users across six platforms in several countries to determine whether talking about brands and products actually powers sales. They found that 92% of people seek out comments about brands or products, and 68% say their impression of a brand is changed because of conversations they read on social platforms.

TikTok Study: Growing Your Community with TikTok Live [:02]

A recent study by Ipsos shows how TikTok users turn to Live streaming as a way to engage with brands and content sponsors. The study includes key findings marketers considering TikTok Live should be aware of—especially when driving shopping behavior is the main goal. 

Google Highlights TikTok, Instagram’s Search Power as Antitrust Heats Up [:01]

Certainly not all users prefer this route, but Google recently found that 40% of Gen Z’ers aged 18-24 prefer to search on social platforms—specifically TikTok and Instagram. The place these channels hold in culture, and in recommending personal, topical, and visual content for users to engage with, is potentially bleeding over to influence other search behaviors.

Google Updates Ad Policy for Political Advertisers [:01]

Next month, advertisers will be required to update text and banner ads to include a “Paid For By” designation visible at all times. Election Ads may also be eligible to run YouTube Audio ads, if pre-approved.