Feb 19 2015
Basis Technologies

Feet on the Street: Where in the World is Centro?


Welcome back to our Feet on the Street series! We emerged from our candy-induced comas from Valentine’s Day ready to work. That means bringing you the best in digital as well as some awesome events. Check out our schedule below to see where we are this week. If you’d like to know where we will be next week, or would like to set up a meeting with us, email events@centro.net. We’d love to chat!

What: UC Berkeley Recruiting Fair – 2/18

Who’s going? Ian Brunner

Where: Berkeley, CA

What’s going on? Centro is on the search for the best and brightest at UC Berkeley. If you are interested in working at Centro, we're hiring! Check out our Glassdoor page.


What: 2015 Powerchord Digital Summit– 2/19

Who’s Going? Ryan Manchee, Ken Farber, Eric Xidis

Where: La Jolla, California

What’s going on? Ryan Manchee is leading a partner session at this year's Summit about the latest and greatest in emerging digital technologies and trends. If you are attending, be sure to check it out at 2:00pm PT!


What: American Advertising Awards – 2/20

Who’s Going? Larry Tucker

Where: Austin, TX

What’s going on? The American Advertising Federation Awards is the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year. Centro is a proud sponsor of this year’s event.


What: Power Perk – RPA Advertising

Who’s going? Ashley McBrearty, Michael Thill

Where: Los Angeles, CA

What’s going on? Centro is hosting a Power Perk at Elabrew Coffee Shop for RPA Advertising. The RPA peeps will be getting free coffee and breakfast over some shop talk.